Shopping is one of my many ways to release stress and tension (awow) but yeah it's true! Buying something really nice from my favorite shops really calms me, especially if it's from Gucci or Balenciaga or from SM CALAMBA'S 3-DAY SALE!!. 

If you've been following me on Instagram and watching my IG stories (day to day life) you'll notice how passionate I am with my work and clients, I always hustle starting 6 in the morning and going to bed on 12 midnight. I'm a very busy man, I'm soooo busy I tend to forget all the important celebrations, events and other stuff. That's why me and my blogging partner (bestfriend) Kat Valdez decided to have a really nice RETAIL THERAPY! 

We went to SM Calamba to score a lot of great deals from their stores and also have a quick escape from out stressful blogger lives haha and guess what?! we aren't disappointed by all the amazing deals we saw at SM CALAMBA'S 3-DAY SALE! waaah!! 

This weekend, SM Calamba has something for the south people where almost all your favorite shops will be on sale up to 70%! Yes, 70%! 

Here's a quick guide on what to expect from our fave stores at SM CALAMBA'S 3-DAY SALE!! 

Folded and Hung is having a less 300 and less 200 pesos on their amazing pieces!
Like this pants and jacket that I super love! 

Onesimus is currently having 10 to 20 percent discount in all of their regular priced items!
Personally, I'm huge fan of this brand! not only they produced classic suits for gents, they also give customers what they pay for. The quality of their stuff and the designs are wonderful! and that 10 percent discount surely made a huge difference #deal!

OXYGEN (one of my favorite brands) is having 50 - 70% off on their selected items!
If you're looking for affordable street style pieces, I highly suggest to go for OXYGEN! Their clothes are very on trend and young! (think of Supreme and Adidas).


Now for my beauty and wellness enthusiast readers, DIANA STALDER is having a 25% off on product kits until supplies lasts! 

Expect amazing deals and discounts from Watsons this 3-DAY SALE at SM CALAMBA!
10, 15 and 20% off on selected items! They also have this BUY 1 TAKE 1 deals and packages that definitely saves you a lot of money!

PRIMADONNA (for the ladies!) Complete your ootd goals by scoring an amazing pair from this brand! They are having a huge discounts on their products!

Of course your ootd wouldn't be complete without wearing at least one accessory! or many accessories! EGG is having a 60% off on selected items!!

Trying to achieve that perfect body for the summer? I highly suggest to go for this store guys! They offer products that boost and enhance your muscles and health. From Whey, muscle mass milk and fat burners! GNC is having a 25% off for 2 bottles! What a pretty great deal, right?

HUMAN is having a 50 - 70% off on their wonderful pieces! Stack on some jeans as Human is having a 2 for 1299php SALE.

For weekend vacations and travels, I highly suggest to go for Giordano. They offer the best of the best clothing pieces for travellers like me! Giordano is having a 20% off on selected items this 3-DAY SALE!

Fila is also on SALE up to 50% off at Toby's Sports.

I had so much fun going around SM CALAMBA the whole day! I never thought that they will go all out this 3-DAY SALE!

That's it guys! I hope this article encourages you to visit SM CALAMBA today for their 3-DAY SALE! Aside from these stores, they also have amazing discounts and sales at their Department store ( THE SM STORE ) , restaurants, tech brands and other brands!


Experience Amazing Deals at SM Calamba's 3-Day Sale

Available at
USE MY CODE MICHAEL1000 to get 1k off from your purchase! 

I know some of you guys already know this especially if you've been watching my stories on Instagram @michaelmacalos . So few weeks ago, I got this Smart Speaker from coz why not? I just feel like buying a new portable speaker coz I'm always travelling and I know a lightweight portable speaker would be super perfect and convenient for my trips. 

So I've decided to just buy this TicHome Mini Smart Speaker with Google Assistance at! and I'm so Ahhhmazed by the stuff it can do! swear guys it's way cooler than your ordinary speakers at home. There are so many wonderful stuff that this speaker can do, so I've decided to just made a list of "THINGS I SUPER LIKE" from this Smart Speaker. 

1. Waterproof - Who wouldn't love a device/gadget that's waterproof! You can take it inside the shower and sing your favorite songs while taking a bath and you can definitely bring this to the beach without worrying anything (coz it's waterproof).

2. Effortless Setup - Swear guys! setting up this speaker is so easy! Just install the Google Home app and connect it to your wifi and voila! you can now use and play this speaker.

3. Accurate answers - This device can answer all your questions in this mysterious and crazy world! From the number of stars in our universe, how many islands in a specific country and even the traffic! 

4. The sound is so good - SUPER GOOD! 

5. Built-in Battery

6. TAP TO CONNECT - You can just tap your phone or place it on top of this speaker and it will instantly connect (but make sure that the bluetooth of your phone is turned on). 

7. Google Assistant Built-in

8. Remind Important meetings and events of your life. 

9. Set your Alarm

10. Update you from time-to-time

11. You can just use your voice to activate this speaker. Just say "OK GOOGLE" 

12. Can turn on and off your home devices like TV, airconditioner, lights and even your coffee maker! How awesome is that? 

And lastly, they have an EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT! 

"Brought this speaker with me to my last beach trip and I just played my favorite meditating playlist every morning". 

Go get this product now at Ehome PH and you can get a 1k off on your purchase if you use my code MICHAEL1000 until January 15, 2017. 


New Buddy: TicHome Mini Smart Speaker

Hey guys! I know it's been ages since the last time I posted something on this website. Been very busy with life and travels lately. I have a day job now that doesn't feel like a day job coz I only visit the office once or twice a week hihi, also I've been travelling all around the Philippines these past few months. Kinda promised to myself that I will visit every beautiful island in my country before I go out of the country. Yeah my life is pretty hectic right now but I'm not complaining tho, in fact I love it! and I feel very blessed.

If you've been following me on Instagram @michaelmacalos, you'll notice that I always have an accessory (hat, bag, shades or scarf) with me in my ootd posts. And I bet some of you might mistake it as an expensive piece or I bought it from a high end brand (wow assuming? haha). TBH most of my accessories came from SM ACCESSORIES! Yep you read that right! all of my accessories that I wore in my past ootd posts are from SM Accessories.


I'm a huge fan of SM Accessories since I was a teen (I'm only 22 guys! LOL). I love that they're making their accessories accessible to the masses, making it easier for us to buy the kind of accessory that will fit with our travels and outfit. You can even just grab and go but make sure you pay for it before you leave the store lol, that's how convenient shopping accessories at SM Accessories is.

Let me show y'all how I styled the beautiful stuff of SM Accesories with my ootds. I hope you find an inspiration or at least give you clues on how can you incorporate their stuff to your outfit and ootds.

Every accessories (hats, bags, scarves and watch) in this post are from SM Accessories. Go check them out guys! SM Accessories are located in every SM Store nationwide. 

You can follow them also on 


My Go-to Accessory shop

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