6.27.2011 Paris, France


Held last Thursday, June 23, 2011 at Paris fashion week Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2012 men’s collection.
What’s in store for us in Louis Vuitton Spring/summer 2012 Men’s collection ?,  The debut collection of Men’s Style Director ” Kim Jones ” with the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs. “At its simplest level, it is about the idea of travel and what it means at this point in time,” Kim Jones says. “After all travel forms the foundation of the Vuitton brand. This is a fundamental part of the lineage and language of Louis Vuitton and is a central component of what it stands for today,” continues Jones. “At the same time, the collection is looking at the idea of a personal journey. It forms the notion of a coming-of-age through exploration and travel.”
The collection is full of Preppy stuff and athletic sports wear also some casuals, personally i adore this collection because of its ” Africa section ” which features  the iconic Damier check, blankets and cool scarves in cashmere and cotton.
A lot of bomber jackets in this collection, well tailored suits , tailored short suit  that are in white, black, camel toned and a checkered red and blue shots which  look like the iconic Damier canvas also you will love their functional and fashionable bags and their innovative line of sandals  and shoes.

Here’s some of my favorite looks in this collection!


au revoir!

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