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" Half the profit goes to the Make- a-wish foundation so I'm encouraging you girls to buy their funky and chic accessories at http://www.shophopeonline.com/#!shop also they are selling women's apparel . " Shop Shop Shop "

What is Shophopeonline?
Hope is an independent online store bringing you cute, bohemian accessories and apparel from Southern Cali. 
Shopping for the soul. Feel good about indulging in unique pieces, half the profit goes to the Make-a-Wish Foundation!.

Here i find some cool stuff from their online store and they are all affordable.

Cool I'm a dreamer Necklace.

Owl always love you Necklace.
a good gift to your Bestfriends

Feather Charm Necklace.
Make a statement!

Chic Silver Wallet.

Bracelet Set. 

Fly with these Angel earrings.

What are you waiting for visit http://www.shophopeonline.com and be fashion forward with their affordable items. 

au revoir!

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  1. oh wow it's great that they are donating half the proceeds to charity!!!
    thanks for sharing!!


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