Daily Grooming: How to Prevent Oily Skin

First let us discuss what its meaning?
Oily skin is a sign the skin is producing too much sebum, a natural hydrating agent and Pores are enlarged and visible to the naked eye, sometimes clogged and showing blackheads, Looks shiny and oily in the t-zone: the sides of the nose, chin and forehead, "Slippery" to the touch and the most important you must know you are Prone to pimples.                         ( my god pimples.! no! ).

If you are experiencing these on your face then you have an oily face, in here I'm giving you tips on how to prevent having oily face and be shine free all day. 

First tipUse a face cleanser that is designed fr oily skin these are usually oil-based because they dissolve oil effectively rather then "stripping" it ( optional ) also im using Neutrogena Oily Skin Formula or Clearasil soap for oily. skin.

Second tip 
Always follow with a toning lotion, which will get rid of all remaining impurities also it tightens pores it keeps dirt out and allows your face to regain its smoothness. 

Third tip:  After that use a hydrating cream that is nourishing but oil-free in order to prevent "shine."
Choose a fluid base to reduce shine while protecting the skin against outside aggressors. Also use a Hydrating night cream your night cream should be nourishing but not oily.

Fourth tip:  Exfoliate at least two times a week, it provides deep cleansing. ( dont exfoliate always )

fifth tip: I Dont agree putting face powder when you see your face in the mirror shiny and oily instead of using face powder use a oil blotting sheet because when you use face powder blackheads will be appearing in no time. 

sixth tip:  Do you know that Exercising regularly can unclog pores? sweating is actually healthy for the skin and can help stop oily skin and reduce the frequency of acne outbreaks.

And the most important " drink a tall glass of water 10 times a day " .  

There you have it! Tips on how to prevent oily skin. 

au revoir!

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