Men's trend: Shorts in every Occassions

" Goodbye trousers shorts are out to play "

Have you noticed that shorts are becoming one of  Men's fashion basics and in the whole menswear world? and Some men prefer wearing short shorts,  i guess they just want accentuate their assets which is their legs ( Before women are the only one who are accentuating their legs and flaunt their legs but in this generation men are also accentuating their legs. ) Top fashion houses are also into shorts trend such as Cold Method Spring 2012 collection, John Lawrence Sullivan Spring 2012 showcased at Paris Fashion week and Lanvin Spring 2012 at Paris fashion week.

Cold Method Spring 2012 collection

John Lawrence Sullivan Spring 2012

Lanvin Spring 2012 

Do you believe this trend can be it for every occasion you are attending?  I know you might think this is just for casual  wear, hanging out with friend and going out well you are wrong, here I' m gonna show you how to make your shorts go beyond what you expect. 

Casual look
Here i choose items that are fit for a casual day look, t-shirts, watch, a nice espadrilles
and the most important the shorts. remember make it simple when you want to look casual. 

Semi- Formal look
In this look i make it a little casual with a little hint of formality into it, pieces such as polo shirt, jacket that looks like a suit, a watch, both casual and formal elements in the shoes and a neutral shorts.

Formal Look
Formal look, all pieces should be well tailored such as formal suits this will make the look more formal, if you want to rock your suit with your shorts make sure you choose the right color of the shorts avoid colorful shorts specially when you are attending a formal event, pick a right accessories such as watch it would be great if it is out of leather and a nice leather shoes.  

Party look
In this look, dont be afraid to try colors its a party!, 
just have fun mixing and playing what would you wear. 

au revoir!

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this, looks great on the models, but in real life... Hm.
    Love your header, btw.


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