Who says Men can't be vain or use make-up to cover these imperfections in our face, whether it is pimples/acne, acne marks, blemishes, scars sometimes we guys can't deal a day with a big red pimple/pimples in our forehead, nose or cheeks (Always happens to guys who are super vain, they let a pimple to ruin their day), Well I'm not that really vain I just can't take people looking at my face like they see a horrendous human being "that's just me being exaggerated", when i leave our house I always make sure I look good and ready to face the day starting with my hair, teeth, my face and other physical features that people may see "Why not look presentable always, you dont know what great opportunities may come to you".

Every teenagers worse enemy PIMPLES,ACNE and BLEMISHES, I've been searching the internet for a perfect concealer that conceals pimples and not making it worse also a concealer that clings to my skin naturally  "Like a second skin doesn't look like i have concealers on" and Thank God! I found "L.A GIRL PRO. CONCEAL HIGH DEFINITION CONCEALER" its affordable, you can get HD coverage in a affordable price, there are 18 shades available and I'm using pure beige perfect for my skin color btw i bought this concealer at SM Department Store (cubao) but I'm sure you can find this concealer in your favorite beauty supplies , at first I dont know how to apply or use it, it was my first time using a concealer and the saleslady teach me how to apply concealer, you must tap it not rub it using your middle finger and after covering those imperfections apply a face powder so that it will lasts more.

I just love using this product, so to all those guys who wants to cover their face/skin imperfections like pimples, blemishes and scars use L.A Girl Pro. concealer for a High definition coverage.

Easy to use
Lots of shades available
cruelty free
not itchy (to me)
Great coverage High definition
It lasts 8 hours
Unisex Packaging

creases easily if you dont set it with powder.

with L.A Girl Pro. Concealer 


"Men Can Wear Make-up too" L.A Girl Pro. Conceal High Definition concealer Review

One of the best commercials/advertising campaign i have ever seen, its inspirational and lot of passion coming from real people and real scenarios, In this commercial you can see people show who they are with a Nikon Camera and the campaign plays on Nikon's existing tagline "In the Heart of image" also this campaign focuses on Nikon's new range of Coolpix cameras.


I am part of the World "I am Nikon campaign"

Versace’s men’s collection for H&M is a mix of slick tailoring and pieces of extravagant pattern. Suit jackets and trousers come in either black or pink, while a black tuxedo jacket has metallic tip trims on its pockets, and shirts have metallic wing-tips on the collars. Versace’s palm and optical prints are used on T-shirts, as well as on thin-knit cashmere sweaters, while print is also used on velvet bombers, jeans, and even underpants.

Seriously, i want these for Christmas especially the jacket!  

A must have!! 



My Wishlist: Versace for H&M outfits



Get the Look: Varsity Jock

Finally i found a perfect accessory that will match my day to day outfits, its made from indigenous materials here in the Philippines and bought it in a cheaper price the name of the store is "Atin Ito" i love the stores vibe very ethnic/tribal also the music playing inside the store, they have several branches all over Manila like SM Mall of Asia 2nd level , Robinsons Metro East 4th level, Starmall Edsa-Shaw, Ali Mall Ground floor (cubao).
When you wear it at first, its a little tight and i asked the saleslady if they have other sizes then she said its "wet and wear" meaning when this bracelet is wet or soaked in a water it will expand its size (Amaaazing!) and the saleslady also said that this bracelet is good for those people who love going outdoors, well i hate being on forest and mountain climbing but i still bought this bracelet.  

Hows my belt and striped shorts with it?
You can wear it one at a time.. 

Hahahahha!  It can also be a display in your living room/ private room.


New Accessories: Indigenous Material bracelets

Steal this look straight from the runway of Givenchy Spring 2012 Paris fashion Week collection.. 

Steal This Look: Be a Givenchy Girl

Acne pink blouse, $290

Isabella Oliver herringbone vest, $105
Mango capri jeans, £35
Enzo Angiolini strap sandals, $69
ASOS genuine leather belt, $11


Steal This Look: Be a Givenchy Girl


After watching the fashion show me and my friend had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo!


Mega Magazine "Luxe" Shangri-la Holiday Fashion Show

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