Cheers to a new year and another chance
for us to get it right.
-Oprah Winfrey 

A lot of awesome things happened to me this year 2012 especially in my blogging career  but I also experienced a lot of downs "on my personal life hmmm.. more sa lovelife, pbb teens lang?! hahahah ". Before I start talking/discussing that, let me first tell you guys how happy I am to achieve the things that I achieved this year 2012. This year 2012 on the month of April, my mom finally bought me a dslr camera  "after months and months of convincing her". It was a sweet graduation gift and from that moment  I knew that it was the start of everything.

Then I instantly posted some looks here in my blog and also in my Lookbook account, received a lot of positive comments, received invites from PR agencies, met cool and stylish bloggers and we became friends and still remain. I also received awesome stuff from local brands/online shops, I was lucky to get 2 fashion internships this year, got the chance to meet the owners of famous restaurants here in Manila and the best best thing that blogging gave to me is the privileged to express myself "Freedom!!!!!" but!...I think minalas ako this year when it comes to love..I know I'm still young and I will meet a lot of people after I graduate but what if that person you met and you  thought that person is the one you will love  for the rest of your life (diba drama lang, pagbigyan matatapos na ang taon!), I admit it I also made a lot of mistakes and break a lot of hearts this year so I want to take this oppurtunity to say "SORRY, THANK YOU AND GOODBYE" (odiba may ganung ganung pa ako?! ako na talaga!). Hopefully this year 2013 I found that really special person who will blew my heart and mind away.

This 2012 was awesome and I hope 2013 will be more epic, awesome, great, a lot great opportunities will come, more invites sa mga events, more cool stuff, meet old and new friends and good health to me and my family. ay oo nga pala one of the things that I really really wish to happen next year, is to be featured in Garage Magazine!!!!! please please. any feature will do. hahahahaha kahit sa likod lang ng cover ng mag niyo! hhaahha joke :).


Best of 2012: The Contemporary Boy way!

Now Let's talk hairstyles, personally hair is one of the things I always or should I say first thing that I fix every time I woke up in the morning "after opening my eyes and stretch for a little bit, I instantly go to the bathroom to see if my hair looks good". "Yeah I'm super vain". My signature hairstyle would be the blended short cut, thin on both sides and quite thick on the center (diba parang pizza commercial lang?!), because it's very easy to manage and easy to wash "lam niyo naman minsan nakakapagod din pag ayos ng ayos ng hair", so as the new year starts let's kick off or should I say welcome 2013 with a new hairstyle!.

Malapit na mag bagong taon, kaya kailangan na ng bagong look para mas lalong ma attract ang swerte sa ating buhay buhay at mas lalong maraming ma attract na girls at pati na rin ang mga beks! hahahahah.

The Wavy Top Heavy Cut

maganda tong hairstyle na to very trendy and fashyon!, kaya lang kung tamad ka mag ayos ng hair or kung ayaw mong nasasayang ang oras sa kaka-ayos hindi ito ang hairstyle na para saiyo pero kung ok lang saiyo edi gow!, good luck sa kaka blower at kaka suklay!. :)))) 


Cool and Trendy Hairstyles for Men this 2013

I know it takes many many days of decision making on what a celebrity will wear in his/her red carpet appearance, it could be an awards night, movie premier, met ball etc., and I also know that there are many people behind every actress's almost perfect look (effect of years of watching Rachel Zoe project).So before this year ends and for your pleasure of entertainment  here's a rundown of Hollywood Celebrities that need some "I think" styling help and a mirror before hitting the red carpet. 

What THE?!!!! $@#^#^@^@$#@&*^%7


My top 16 Disaster Red Carpet Looks of 2012

Before this year ends, I will abuse one of this year's biggest trends in street fashion the "Galaxy print". Galaxy prints are everywhere this year 2012, from shoes to leggings to shirt to bags my gaaaaaahd they are everywhere!!, It's like an outer space explosion!. Been seeing a lot of DIY tutorials of this print on Youtube and to some fashion blogs, these DIY tutorials inspired me to make one and I'm very very satisfied with the outcome of my galaxy print.

I've been dreaming ever since I was a child to explore the beauty and mysterious of outer space, hehe and one of the main reason why I want to explore the outer space because I want to see it E.T is there remember the 1982 film by Steven Spielberg (sorry for my weirdness guys). I remembered how fascinated I am with that movie, seeing E.T and his abilities my gaaaahd!,  I also remembered  that before I go to sleep I always include E.T to my prayers wishing that his spaceship will crash on top of our house and I will have my own E.T and we will always play and do awesome things in our backyard (fyi I was only 5 years old at that time). Because of that movie, it made me believed that there are other life forms up in the galaxy (we are not alone) but now I'm 17 years old, naaaaah! I'll just stick to galaxy print clothes. .



This Love is Supernatural Can you feel It?

The night of Christmas, my friends from high school decided to meet up at my cousin's house (the girl in pink) coz I haven't seen them for like almost 8 months and I think this is the best time to catch up with each other, chill and party just like old times (high school days). Before we head to Tides at Timog, we went first at Eastwood to wait for our 2 friends and after waiting for like 2 hours and its already 9:00 p.m (we were there 7:00 p.m pa just to wait for them) because we were so impatient na, we decided to hit Timog without them. 

Tides grill and bistro is located at Panay Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, near Pinoy Big Brother's house. Actually medyo nahirapan din kami hanapin tong Tides kaya yun ang laki ng bill namin sa Taxi kasi paikot- ikot kami tapos nandun lang pala! hahahhaha! Shunga ng taxi driver no?!. For more information about Tides grill and bistro you can visit their Facebook page click here

@Eastwood before heading to Tides
Sagana ang Eastwood sa Christmas tree at lights! KKLOKA!

picture guys! 
(l-r) Cel, Angelica (cousin) and Allan

dahil Christmas ngayon! feel ko mag floral ngayon! hahhahah
eh kamusta naman yung outfit ng katabi ko ^__^

tapos @Tides na!
The Fantastic Four! hahahhaha



The Fantastic Four at Tides Grill and Bar Timog

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given”-Isaiah 9: 6

shirt from H&M and Plaid Jacket from Urban Outfitters

Hey my beautiful readers/visitors I just want to say Merry Merry Christmas to y'all and I hope y'all having a great time spending Christmas with your loved ones. I'm so very thankful and happy this year 2012 because of the great opportunities that came into my life being a blogger and also I want to thank the people who believed in me, believed in my talents and skills, to the people who are always there for me and to the people who come and go into my life this year and also I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all guys (my amazing readers, followers, hypers ) for reading my blog even though sometimes I'm not able to publish new posts, thank you thank you for all the love you gave me this year. I'm so happy that I already have my own domain, now I feel like I'm the happiest kid alive. :)))))))) Lastly I want to thank and greet my blogger friends a Merry Merry Christmas!, the bloggers that I met this year, to Pinoy Bloggers, Filipino Bloggers hub and to Filipino Bloggers Worldwide family.

To the teenagers who are planning to party with their friends later, please remember don't drink at all (maybe a little) if you're driving . hehe, Merry Merry Christmas Guys!! and thank you thank you so much!.



Merry Merry Christmas People! :)

Another must read book for the year 2013. Mr. Porter has officially launched their very first paperback book entitled "The Mr. Porter Paperback: The Manual for stylish Life Volume one." The book is 240 pages of fashion, interiors, cars, design, music plus insider tips, interviews and profile. Mr. Porter's Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Langmead, works with book designer David Pearson and art director Leon St-Amour.

I've always been a fan of this online store "Mr. Porter" because they offer very stylish clothes that a stylish guy needs and I think they are the only online store that I know who helps guys what to wear on different occasions. I love the minimalism of this book classic and elegant, perfect display in my room. The Mr Porter paperback uses both matt and gloss paper stock inside, a mix of illuminating black-and-white and colour photography and illustration, and the cover is crafted with tradition later press printing methods. Each copy also comes with a red silk bookmark ribbon attached.

So for the year 2013 I must buy this book and I hope it will be available in the first month of the year 2013 in my favorite book stores here in Philippines but I think It's now available in their online store that costs £24.49 and it will be available in selected retailers on January 13th.

Mr. Porter Paperback - Volume one

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas vacation and you already have a gift for your special someone, family, office mates etc. Today I'm absorbing the good vibes of Barry Manilow's song "Copacabana" (lumabas na naman yung pagka oldies ko). I've had enough listening to those Christmas songs that I always hear everywhere I go (shopping malls, grocery store, convenience stores and even in our house! my gaaahhddd) , It's not like I'm playing Grinch this holiday season I'm just so over it, so I've decided to search my mom's collections of old songs and there I found Barry Manilow's album Copacabana. I just love the rhythm and the beat of this song and every time I played it makes me want to take a vacation to Copacabana at Rio De Janeiro.



Last Monday I was invited to a Blogger's Conference of  the movie "Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Si Ako" a metro manila film festival entry. I'm all giddy and excited entering the venue (Annabel's Restaurant at Tomas Morato) because I'm excited to meet Vic Sotto "Enteng Kabisote, Bong Revilla "Agimat" and Ms. Judy Ann Santos "AKO" but unfortunately Mr..Bong Revilla and Ms. Judy Ann Santos were not able to come because of their hectic schedule and commitments, though the two were not able to come the event was definitely a success because of Vic Sotto's humorous answers and his joyful and motivating vibe.
With The Vic Sotto

My table mates 
Bloggers Kelly Medina, Arnie Villanueva and Nicole Santos

Nicole and Arnie 



Event: Si Agimat, Si Enteng at Si Ako Blog Conference

Hype this look on lookbook click here!!

This is what I wore last Saturday to Bloggers United event held in World Trade Center.

The floral trend made an appearance last season and it's stronger than ever this season, as powerful fashion houses like Givenchy and Kenzo goes all out with this trend. I love how prints like this can make you stand out from the rest especially when you enter a room and you're wearing a head turning floral or animal print. (pak! winner!!). To show my love for floral prints, I bought 8 floral printed shirts last week and right now my wardrobe looks like a garden of floral printed shirts (hehehehe).

To make this look  I paired my black Floral printed shirt with my all time favorite Topman trousers and paired it with my deadly claw like metal ring that I bought from my classmate kaya dapat mag ingat ang mga magnanakaw at holdaper pag suot ko to! hahaha.

PS: I finally have my own space here in the world wide web! bought my own domain. 


Florals and War

Probably this is the event where fashionistas and bloggers always look forward to here in the Philippines. This is the fourth installment of Bloggers United and to be honest this is my first time to attend this event coz  I was extremely busy with school works and interships (fyi I did not pursue anymore my Internship with a particular company because I want to focus more on my studies and also some issues that I think I should keep to myself) that's why I couldn't attend the past Bloggers United installments. I was with my blogger friend/classmate Mike Miguel (this is also his first time hehe) and we surely had fun seeing all my blogger friends which I haven't seen for like 3 months or more especially Angel (hehe it was nice bumping in to you that day, aww I miss her so much) and the bloggers trying to charm their customers in selling their fashion used clothes.

GAAH!! super affordable accessories!! in pesos!!

daming tao!!

David Guison's booth

Bjorn's Booth


Event: Bloggers United 4

I remember watching Disney On Ice when I was 8 years old, It was both fun and exciting seeing all your favorite Disney Characters in action like Mickey, Minnie Mouse plus the whole gang, Toy Story characters, your favorite Disney tales like Alladin, Aurora, Jasmine, Beast (beast ba pangalan nun? yung sa BEAUTY AND THE BEAST HAHAHHA!) and many many more!. 

Now It's your time to watch them once again as they sing, dance and do awesome things just for your entertainment, this time its the princesses and heroes "oooohhhhhh sounds exciting" and guess what?!! Our friends from Araneta Center is playing Santa this Christmas and they are giving away 45 tickets to 45 winners to this spectacular show! 

                                                                  Here's how to join:

Ito kung di niyo mabasa yung poster! click niyo yung see more para mas malaki :)


PAK! Win Tickets to Disney On Ice 2012 online promo

Play the youtube video para mas feel ang pagbabasa! hahaahah 

Ok, so my friends, classmates and mah! family been asking me what do I want this Christmas and I'm like "hmmmmmm, kahit ano bahala ka na! (pero deep inside gusto ko ng ganto, ng ganto at nito hahahaha!) oh aminin niyo yan wag na i deny! hahhaha. I'm the type of guy who is not comfortable in receiving presents/gifts or kahit ano pa man yan, everytime I received one I always felt uncomfortable (ewan ko kung bakit!! huhuhuh)  kasi parang nakakahiya naman nag abala ka pa.. (pakipot effect lung?), pero kung tatanunging niyo ako kung ano ang gusto ko matanggap this Christmas well ihanda niyo na ang inyong malaking wallet dahil mahaba haba ito hahahahahha, simulan na nga natin to! GOOOW!. 

Only 7 days to go before Christmas!. Naughty or Nice every guy or should I say every trendy guy deserves something special under the tree this year. I know some of you guys still don't know what to give to your GQ like best friend/boyfriend/father, so to help you guys I made a list of gift suggestions that I think he will surely gonna like. 
Men's Clutch bag
Ito! kailangan niyo tong iavail para sa inyong fashyon na kaibigan! sobrang in demand talaga ngayon ang mga Men's clutch bag pero be sure kung bibili ka ng gantong klase ng bag dapat yung mukhang pang lalaki ah! baka naman yung bilhin mo yung may glitters and sequins pa! jusko teh kaw na lang gumamit niyan aanhin niya pa yan! hahahhahahah.


Gift Suggestions for Fashion Forward Guys

Here's another lookbook that I want to feature here in my blog, Givenchy Pre-fall 2013 collection by Riccardo Tisci. Many women love and adore. Riccardo Tisci designed a collection that shows the mixture of fabrics, a twist with a mix of couture and prints that surely stands out.

I love it! kasi naging hobby ko na ngayon ang pag titingin ng mga lookbook ng mga sikat na fashion designers around the world! pagtitingin na to parang mas lalo akong nagiging updated 10x sa mga bagong fashion trends na nauuso. 

So ngayon bet ko naman ifeature dito sa aking blog ang mga creations ni Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy's pre-fall collection (diba may pa pre pre fall pa silang nalalaman! pak!) SIMULAN na natin to!

ewan ko talaga kung bakit aso ang peg niya dito sa collection na to ano bang meron sa aso? siguro dati siyang aso hahaha chos!.pero ang ganda ng shirt na to ah! ia-avail ko to!


Lookbook spotlight: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Last Wednesday I decided to meet with my high school friends that I haven't seen for like almost 8 months and we surely missed each other "a lot!". Since they knew that I'm working as a fashion intern last semester and I don't want to disappoint my friends by looking like a drab to them so I wore this cool shirt with leather details and I paired it with my DIY acid washed ombre jeans.

Three things that I'm into right now, first animal print shirts second studs and leathers and third floral prints. This just proves that my wardrobe needs to change its direction and just experiment with my style, so from now on I will not be afraid to get out of my comfort zone in dressing and I will always push my boundaries through fashion.

Hype this look on lookbook. Click here


Into The Wild

Do you own a pair of jeans that you bought a year or maybe 2 years ago and you don't want to wear it again because "It's so BOOOOORING and so so Last year", well instead of throwing it away why don't you makeover it (haha fyi I'm a fan of watching makeover shows) by this simple and easy DIY project that will surely make you love your boooring old jeans.
So I had this pair of jeans that I bought last last year, this jeans became one of my on the go look (paired it with a tank top or t-shirt and I'm good to go). 

Things you'll need:
Old pair of Jeans or if you want you can buy a cheap pair of jeans. 
plastic Basin
Spray bottle
white paint for paint splatter effect (optional)

The acid washing itself is very easy and you can do it in many ways. This is how I Acid washed my jeans with an ombre effect at the bottom of it. 


DIY: Acid Washed Ombre Jeans

The staple for a woman's wardrobe is the little black dress.  While we might think about staples for a woman's wardrobe, many don't think about staples for a man's wardrobe.  However, there are a few basics that every man should have in his wardrobe so he is prepared for any occasion.  He may not wear each of these items frequently, but chances are he will wear them at least a few times a year and will wear many of them more frequently.  Consider the following:


6 Staples for Every Man's Wardrobe

Sometimes when I'm bored and got nothing to do here in the world wide web, I just visit my favorite fashion bloggers blog or visit and be updated with the latest trends, news and  celebs style from my on the go fashion news online portals. The past few days I spent mostly 2 hours of my time looking through Designers lookbook from Louis Vuitton to H&M and to Barneys New York, I love them all but there is one lookbook's Designer that caught my attention and deserved to be reviewed here in this blog of mine. Italian fashion designer reveals his new kabog Spring/Summer 2013 collection fit for the kabog! din na guys.

Matteo Molinari Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook .
picture source:

Love this! kaya lang bihira ko lang siya masusuot dito sa Pilipinas siguro pag nagpunta ako ng Baguio! ito ang susuot ko! tapos ipapair ko pa ng scarf na sobrang kapal! nyahahahhaha


Matteo Molinari Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Christmas officially starts at SM Sta. Mesa. 
Last Saturday November 10,2012; Ayzee of Chilipina and I were invited at the Christmas Launch of SM Sta. Mesa. 


Photo Diary Event: SM Sta. Mesa Christmas Launch

Mochi Sweets

Banking on Filipino’s sweet tooth and penchant for embracing food from around the world, the wildly popular MOCHI SWEETS has made its way into the local food scene and is sure to create a mochi craze as seen in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.


Famous Mochi Sweets now in Manila!!

Your Visual Wish List reminder 

Sometimes we need a friend or maybe post it notes (the one you stick on your wall) to remind us what we need to do  it could be tasks, school works, meeting, events you need to attend and goals or should I say your "wish list". I remember when I was in 5th grade I used to have this notebook filled with wishlists mostly material things I want to have at that time and I always set a deadline in every item that I want/need to have. Introducing an application that can help make your wishes come true and keep you on track with this visual wish list reminder.


ReMINEd by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.

Wore this on the first day of Second Semester. 
Decided to just be Casual and Laid back on the first day of class, no eye catching prints, leather boots, studded eye wear and real tight rocker skinny jeans It's just "Laid back", you know sometimes my head/brain hurts just thinking what to wear especially when there's an upcoming event that I have to attend ugggggh!! total head ache and by confessing this to you I instantly feel like a dumb blonde (no offense to my blonde readers, you are all beautiful and smart at the same time, It's just how the society sees you). I love how versatile this vest that I bought from Topman!, it can be worn as casual look just pair it with a T-shirt, tank top or just like what I did and also it can be worn to formal events.


Laid back Casual



I'm just not a morning person..



Spooktacular Treats at the Araneta Center


Here's a little information about Razon's of Guagua:  Razon’s  of Guagua is a family business passed through generations to generations. Most of the items in their menu are family recipes. The first branch of Razon’s of Guagua in Metro Manila opened on July 8, 2003. Located in the Food Court at Robinson’s Galleria, it offers Pampanga’s famous halo-halo, pancit luglug and ensaymadas, along with assorted tarts, chicharon and taba ng talangka. Today, there are twenty five (25) branches of Razon’s of Guagua in Metro Manila (SM San Lazaro) and the South (Laguna and Tagaytay) Razon’s of Guagua has two types of stores; Kiosk and Full Menu. With an increased menu, Razon’s of Guagua is constantly attracting customers intrigued by its new offerings.


Food: Razon's of Guagua SM San Lazaro Branch


Food: Tutti Frutti's Frozen Yogurt ♥


It was a fun and one of a kind experienced yesterday at SM San Lazaro.
 Bloggers experienced SM City San Lazaro's finest restaurants and their 3 day sale of course up to 70% discount  on selected items :) 


Food trip and 3 Day Sale at SM San Lazaro


Yeay! I've been featured at SM Youth. Finally SM Youth and Bjorn Bedayo invades our School "Far Eastern University!!". SM Youth invades FEU together with fashion photographer Bjorn Bedayo of Beyond Manila  for their Campus Style Fashion radar. Since wala kaming wash day hindi katulad ng ibang universities like La Salle hindi namin tuloy ma express yung style namin when we were inside the campus kaya tinodo na namin sa shoot na to! :) . This is my personal style or you can call it my signature style "Black suit + polo + aviator shades + spiky hair and the attitude (hindi mawawala! importante to!) fyi I was the only one wearing a Black suit (ako na talaga, akin lang tong look na to, walang aangkin! HAHAHHAAHHA kidding! : p)

Thank you SM Youth and Bjorn Bedayo! :)

What I'm wearing: Black suit from Markus
Shirt from H&M
Chinos from Bench/
Aviator shades from Hang Ten
Shoes from Salvatore Mann
 Watch from Bench/
and black leather bag.

Too cool for school X young CEO look

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