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It's a long Weekend here in the Philippines, so whats your plan? ( till Monday we have no classes) because of the Chinese New Year thingy. Hell week is over!
we've submitted all our projects on time "Indie Film project, Photo story project, Comics project, simple machine project at Physics and all the projects that our teachers can possibly think off are officially done! plus last Wednesday (from Wednesday to Friday) our Third Periodical Exam is finally over! "though i didn't study hard still i expect to get higher ratings/score from it, been relying on my stock knowledge the past few days" since its a long weekend i just want to chill and relax, stay at home and watch my favorite movies and favorite tv series speaking of watching my favorite movies i hope my entry would be pick for the movie marathon contest I'd be joining "Star Movies: Movie Marathon year2" Lots of luck to me!! =))).

 Here is my newest outfit post at Lookbook! please hype it! and dont forget to click Fan too! =))

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