Taylor Swift's new music Video "Safe & Sound"

No more white horses, prince charming, love story, sweet and bubbly vibe for Taylor Swift's new music video for the soundtrack of the movie Hunger Games accompanied by The Civil Wars who won two Grammy on Sunday.This time we are seeing a different Taylor Swift with a ghostly pale and free makeup, walking barefoot in long white gown with her hair in loose waives. The location of this video reminds me of that Evanescence music video "Lithium" the difference is the music video of lithium is snowing and it is more creepier and haunting than this.

Taylor Swift explains to MTV, the shoots location appealed to her romantic side. "It's one of my favorite in the video; there's this wide shot, where I'm just kind crumpled up sitting on a gravestone, and its actually the grave site of a couple who lived and died in 1853," she noted."I'm sitting here thinking, 'what were their lives like?' It's really eerie, considering what the movie is about and how it deals with life and death. It just absolutely blew my mind." While shooting this video Taylor Swift was shaking the whole time and trying not to be shaking when the cameras were rolling, It was about 40 degrees in Nashville according to a reliable source. The music video is directed by Philip Andelman and premiered on February 13, 2012 at 7:54 p.m ET on MTV.
Watch the music video "Safe and Sound" NOW!

The Hunger Games will hits theaters on March 23, 2012.

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