Classic Never Goes out of Style

When it comes to buying clothes I always invest to basic and classic items, I don't usually buy clothes that have intricate designs or embellishments because It will surely goes out of style quickly just like the ones you see on the runways of Alexander Mcqueen who likes to experiment Men's apparel and Agi&Sam Fall/Winter 2012 collection combining intricate prints with interesting proportions at London Fashion Week although these are great investments in your wardrobe but when you wear these kinds of clothes in a public place only few people can appreciate it "those who follow trends and watch fashion shows" and the rest they will think you are madly insane and tacky.

 As I said earlier I like to invest basic and classic items because I can wear them anywhere "Never goes out of style" when I say Basic it means plain V-neck shirts starting from black to gray, denim jeans and short shorts for men which is very in this summer, I can easily pair these basics with my printed/bright clothes. 

Classic or should I say timeless designs, Since I am a big fan of watching 60's to 90's american movies like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Breakfast at Tiffany's and West Side Story also today's hit TV series Mad Men influenced me to dressed to the nines especially when attending to formal parties, through this trend I can definitely stand out among the rest.

What I'm Wearing: My ever favorite white long sleeves, A well fitted black trousers, my on the go leather bag, Dress shoes and the icing on the cake timeless and classic Ray Ban shades. 


  1. Great outfit, the collar is perfect.

  2. amazing outfit, so loving the collar, I wish my boyfriend could dress like this!!

  3. you look great :)
    thanks for the comment! xx

  4. I love your style!!! How is it that I've just come across your blog now??? Haha. So frustrated with myself. Following you now! :)


  5. I agree that a formal classic look is pretty much eternal. The collar of your shirt makes this outfit stand out; love it!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  6. I highly appreciate the style. I like the color of the collar, first thing that I noticed while looking at your pix. Your ideas?

    1. thank you so much Laids! ^__^
      yes, all my ideas..


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