I can be your Summer Boy...

Let's get lost, you can take me home, somewhere nice We can be alone, Bikini tops comin o-o-off, Don't be sad when the sun goes down, You'll wake up and I'm not around I've got to go oh oh oh, We'll still have the summer after all" -Lady Gaga "Summer Boy" 

Before I start this blog post let me ask you first this question "How do you spend your Summer vacation?" I'm just curious how you guys spend your summer vacation I bet you go to different places such as Islands, resorts and beautiful beaches "Bitches! LOL" Hmmmmm.. well during summer vacation I usually make this Board of Schedule "that is my fancy term for To do list" just to make my summer vacation less boring and it is really effective especially when boredom strikes also this is the time where I usually work out a lot starting with brisk walking for about 1hour and sprinting for about 3hours every morning "That's how i get this fit body =))". 

It's been a long time since my last outfit post, right? I've been receiving these tons and tons of emails from my readers and followers asking me when will I do an outfit post again, since It's summer here in Philippines I want to take advantage of this beautiful sunset at University of the Philippines and here is my new outfit post "Summer Look". 

What I'm Wearing: "Lacoste" polo shirt, white shorts, "Hang Ten" Sunglasses, canvass jean bag from MSENSE "SM ACCESSORIES", watch from "Swatch" and shoes from "5cm". Don't forget to hype this on Lookbook! click here


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