New Toy To Play With "Canon Rebel T3/ Eos 1100D"

Finally! I have no reason to use my Sony Cyber shot Digi-cam for blogging cause It's time to say Hello to my new camera (SLR) The Canon Rebel T3/Eos 1100D, been wanting to have this camera so badly since last year cause last year it's very pricey compared this year, I know it will be useful cause I'm a blogger and also I'm an incoming freshman student at Far Eastern University taking Advertising Arts they say i will be needing this equipment cause Advertising also involves photography. So why i chose Canon? when there is Nikon one of the world's leading makers of professional laboratory microscopes often beating out Zeiss and Leitz, I chose Canon because "Canon Delighting me always" LOL! cause Canon is user friendly "easy to use" and manufactures stylish cameras just like my Canon Rebel T3, I'm definitely in love with the color of my SLR very eye catching, edgy and chic unlike those black camera which is very common and boring, over all I'm very delighted of the quality of the pictures "don't need an intense editing" and still reading the manual and searching the internet on how can i improve my photography skills, hopefully this is the start of a new beginning of my blogginh career.

Some Test shots:


  1. Hey Michael! :) I just discovered your blog through IFB's Teen Bloggers board, I'm very happy to stumble upon it, you're very talented in blogging! =) Congrats on your new Canon purchase, I recently got my first Canon camera in December too! ^^ I got the Canon Rebel T2i, and I can't wait to use it more often for some outfit posts and travel photos! =) I agree, I love how Canon is very easy to use, and your red Canon looks amazing! Mine is just in plain back, haha. I'm now following you, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future! =)


    1. thank you! for visiting my blog =))

      Happy blogging! :))

  2. Congratulation!
    I think you will love your new camera experience:-)




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