Packing For Summer: My Summer Basic Essentials

Summertime is such an exciting time of the year. The short shorts, tank tops, board shorts, bikinis, summer nights, new loves and hanging out with friends all combine to make the time magical. Since summer is still on heat here in Philippines I decided to share to all of you my readers "My Summer Basic Essentials" these are the things I couldn't probably live without during summer "kung baga, Mawala na ang lahat! huwag lang sila!".

Let's start with a nice pair of shades/sunnies, the brands I'm into right now when it comes to shades are Ray-ban and Hang Ten, I love Ray-ban's timeless wayfarer shades and also their Metro wayfarer frames with New York's Metropolitan Transportation on it. Second a well fitting Tank top, for guys out there who are not comfortable showing it all in public "beach" and to those who don't have abs yet! I recommend to wear a well fitting tank top. Third Board shorts, I own lots and lots of board shorts with different colors and prints, I'm into eye catching prints/striking prints because it looks cool! especially when your'e in the beach and lastly Beach Towel , I know you are wondering why towel? Hmmmm..because I use it to sit or lie down and for drying off after being in the water.

There you have it! My Summer Basic Essentials! and now it's time for you to share your Summer Basic Essentials, just post a comment below! :))


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