Bench PFW: It's All about the Details at Michael Cinco X Bench

DIVINE,STUNNING and PERFECTION those are the 3 words to describe Michael Cinco's show for Bench, the haunting setting and music of the show gave me goosebumps in a good way. This collection is just breathtaking a lot of very intricate details on the gowns from the sleeves, the back, the bustier etc., elegant laces, sexy silhouettes that will flatter every women's figure and train that will surely blew you away and also Allison Harvard from America's Next Top model cycle 12 and cycle 17 "All Stars" and Dominique Reighard from cycle 10 walk down the runway for Michael Cinco also Cinco launched its new perfume for Bench entitled "Impalpable".

Lovin' the setting of this show! It's Enchanting. 

These Kids add creepiness to the show (another goosebumps) 

First Dress blew me and the crowd away, true perfection!.

Amazing Side and sleeves Details. 

A dress that will flatter every women's figure, amazing details on the bust.

Dominique Reighard from ANTM cycle 10 strutting her thing on the runway, Stunning!

And here's Allison Harvard from ANTM cycle 12 and cycle 17 All stars runner up

The Eyes! her big beautiful eyes O_O

I remember this scene of Allison from America's Next top model cycle 17 "Music Video challenge"

It's time for Men to Dominate the runway! SPARTAAAAAAAAANS!! AHHOOOOO!

The perfect ball gown do exist

Top Model Face Off

The Man behind these perfect and stunning Designs The "Michael Cinco" fierce as hell as he starts walking down the runway 


  1. This show looks just so amazing!
    All ladies are beautiful :)


    1. I agree, awesome show brought to you by Michael Cinco and Bench/

  2. My favorite out of ALL of the PFW shows this season. By FAR! Was nice to see you in line... for a few seconds. Haha. Did you stay for the Bench show? Will relive it vicariously through you nalang, if you did. :p

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  3. The show looked pretty amazing it's a great way of making a runway!

  4. the gowns are perfect <3


  5. love the collection. and allison is just perfect!

  6. Allison is just sooooo divine! :) thanks so much for posting this, it feels like I'm actually watching the show even if I'm home... you're so lucky to be there... :)


  7. Wow! I wish I was there! The collection is AMAZING. I love every dresses! =)


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