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I remember when I was young, my cousins and I enjoy catching/spotting butterflies in my grandmother's garden, we where full of laughter every time my cousin catch one (different types of butterfly ) there was Painted Lady, Pipevine Swallowtail and my favorite and the most gorgeous looking of them all Spicebush Swallowtail. That was way back 2000 but today's generation "technology age" there is an application created for butterfly lovers and people who loves prizes and coupon.

Yesterday I was invited to the application launch of iButterly at SM North Edsa "The Block" SM Cyberzone where tons and tons of prizes given to the lucky winners such as Timex watch, laptop, LCD TV etc. The event was hosted by Mr. Raymond Guttierez with Ms.cool girl "well I forgot her name" also celebrities are present to this event such as Liz Uy and Laureen Uy, the Magalona Family, Models, DJ Callum (the DJ from Bb.Pilipinas), General Luna band,  Bloggers and Youtube sensation Bogart the Explorer.

All the people who attended this event enjoyed catching iButterflies although its hard to spot those branded butterflies (it takes 3 minutes before you spot one) but its worth the wait =D. 

You can win many exciting prizes through this Application ( Butterflies become coupon that may be redeemed at participating stores such as Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Forever 21, David's Salon, Kenny Rogers, Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Greenwhich, Smart, BDO, and Mc Donalds!) all you have to do is catch branded butterflies! the more the merrier! =)).

Catching an iButterfly is easy. First Download the application by connecting to the free SM WIFI or the SM ibutterfly SSIS at the participating malls you may also use your phone's 3G connection.Using your iphone/android phone simply download the App via Google Play and App store's, just search for the iButterfly Asia App. Once Downloaded, open the Application and start catching iButterflies. These turn into prizes. 

It uses 3 technologies: Augmented Reality, for seeing the iButterflies in the real world, Motion Sensors for catching iButterflies using your phone's global positioning or GPS for finding where the iButterflies are.

..Branded Butterflies you have to catch..

...Hooray for My VIP pass..

..Hosts of the event...

..DJ Callum (to set the mood of the event)..

..Liz and Laureen Uy..

...Maxene and Elmo Magalona...

..With cool and Awesome Photographers who accompanied me at the event ( we enjoyed catching iButterflies)..

...Photographers/Bloggers like me are also present to cover this Event..

Audience participated to the games of this event in return they will win cool and exciting prizes such as Timex watch, Laptop and  LCD TV.

..Clara Magalona won a laptop..

...One of the winners of Timex watch ( I think she's about to cry, tears of joy?)...

...Another lucky winner of Timex Watch...

The next game "Pass the message" which took long for the participants to memorize the whole sentence (no offense to the participants who joined this game =)) you did a great job naman eh! ).

..Team A..

..Team B..

..Look who's also present to this event It's "Bogart the Explorer" with his Aussie slang..

..Playing iButtefly using my Android Phone.. (trying to test my luck)

..Even Liz Uy's friends having fun catching iButterflies..

Thank God! Food is provided to all the people who attended "I'm effin' Hungry" 

..BDO and Forever 21 Stand..

..Over all it was a fun experience especially catching those iButterflies can't wait to redeem it, i got BDO, Mang Inasal, Jollibee, Krispy Kreme and Mang Inasal (again)..

"PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK 2012 can't wait" 


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  1. Looks like a fun event... though all I could focus on most of the time was the Krispy Kreme. I'm a SUCKER for Krispy Kreme!!! Gah!!!

    Win AWESOME furniture here:


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