Through Fashion I can express my Creative Side..

"The Customs and fashions of men 
change like leaves on the bough, some of 
which go and others come."

Girls there is nothing wrong with Guys who are into fashion, you all should get used to if your man/guy loves fashion, statistics shows that nowadays men are more into fashion and spending on fashion-forward fashion trends than women are.With sales of men's clothing rising 0.8% and women's falling 3.5% it's clear that men no longer hate shopping as much as we used to (source: askmen.com) I know you want to see us adorable and sophisticated than looking like a street beggar. 

I can define my personal style in three words "Stand out" "Serious" and "Bold", through fashion I can easily express who I am, it brings out my creative/artistic personality and it makes me confident especially when I'm meeting with people I've recently known. As an aspiring artist I am very open to changes and transformation starting with the way I dress (My blogger friends call me "Chameleon of fashion") because I can be anything what I want yet still looks good "I can even rock clothes made from trash bags, just make it sure its black" speaking of my creative side I am a fan of "cutting the sleeves" trend and transform it into a cool tank top which is very in this season just like my outfit of the day, you can see I'm wearing my favorite DIY tank top which I wear when I'm chillin' at home and sometimes when I'm going to the mall (maybe I can inspire other guys to cut their t-shirts too) I believe that there is no rules in street fashion that's why I'm not afraid to wear this tank top outside.  

What I'm wearing: DIY Mustache tank top, Black Trousers from H&M, Shoes from Milanos "SM Department Stores", Black long sleeves from Polo, Belt Like Bracelet from Sm Accessories and Bag from Chivas Regal

This bag accessory which I also made took me 5hours to finish (It's all worth it)



  1. i love that shirt on you! :)

    btw, i followed you. it would be nice if you follow back. thanks. <3

  2. I like a lot the bracelet and the shirt!
    -Good post
    It's so inspiring, artistic and pretty! Plus it looks like an interesting ritual!
    Excellent post

  3. i like the shirt! And your opinion on boys who are into fashion is so true :)

    Pudding Monster

  4. I just found your blog,
    and I'm so happy that I did!

    Your style's so cool :)


  5. LOVE what you did with your shirt! :)



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