Where I've been: Filipino Bloggers Hub "Acquaintance Party"

 " We Write To Express Not To Impress "

Yesterday (Saturday of May 19) all the bloggers around the Metro gather together for an awesome Acquaintance Party at Central Colleges of The Philippines. I met a lot of bloggers with different niche there's lifestyle, fashion, sports, news, food and some just blog all under the sun. The event started with a National Anthem then prayer after the prayer 2 ladies sang an inspirational song then after that the host start talking and thanking to all the sponsors of this event such as San Marino, Okay Okay, Human Nature, Classic Savory etc.. , after that the most nerve cracking moment for me (Introduce yourself one by one) since It's an acquaintance party the goal is to meet other bloggers and let them know what you blog about btw I'm the only teenager who attended this event so It's quite intimidating to be in a place with veterans in blogging. After the nerve cracking introduce yourself part a representative from Human Nature start talking about the goodness of using 100% natural products (I encouraged you guys to buy their natural beauty products) It's good for you and the environment.
 I learned a lot as a blogger from this event like tips and tricks on how to become successful in blogging, proper acts of a blogger when attending events (GMRC), how to deal with bashers and haters and other blog related questions also the host tackle the history of blogging "when it start and who invented it ".

Cupcakes by Chef Hasset Go
Our lovely Host ♥
From Human Nature ♥
Cameras out bloggers!
Great Job Ladies! for that very inspirational song you sing =))
Cool Male Bloggers

Two beautiful bloggers
Our beautiful host seemed busy reading her lines =))
With very cool mommy blogger!
Guest Panel who answered all the questions we asked, I learned a lot from them.

And to wrap up this event a group picture with all the bloggers who attended this even! yeah!


  1. As always, I LOVE what you're wearing. And those cupcakes look delicious!!!

    Please join my Chocolate Fire giveaway:

  2. Nice! I want to go to a blogger's convention,too but I dont know any.
    btw,the party looks fun. :D

  3. hey Michael,
    I've sent you an e-mail regarding blog interview.
    it would be awesome if you could respond ASAP.
    thank you ;)

  4. lovely! How I wish I saw your blog earlier so I could join the fun too! :)

  5. I saw your blog from Weblogs.

    Nice blog you have here mate. By the way, I'm hosting a Link Exchange in my blog. Drop some comment together with your blog URL and lets link our blogs together.


    ~ Colors and Grays

  6. Ooh, someone looks cool once again!


  7. Looks fun! Inggit ako :)) want to meet bloggers in person too! :D

  8. Good for you, you were given the chance to be part of such activity. Wish, Cebu will sponsor one too so that Cebuano bloggers, like me could try too. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Btw, if you want we could follow each other back :)Thanks



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