The Black Movement: Black Jesus + Amen Fashion

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"Religion is the fashionable substitute for belief"

Disclaimer: Just because the title of this post and the quote above tackle religion It doesn't that mean I'm going to discuss about Christianity and beliefs in this blog post It's just my inspiration for this outfit post. "So, Shall we start?"

(search this song on YouTube for best result! HAHAHAHAHA)
Amen on the runway dress in his best. Amen Fashion on the runway, Work it black Jesus. Amen on the runway, Dress in his best. Amen Fashion, on the runway work it Black Jesus +
- Lady Gaga "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion"

I believed that wearing black can hide many flaws (physical and emotional) such as belly stomach, pulpy hands and wearing black can make you look younger, make you look taller and also it can make you look slim as well as sleek. Black outfits are one of the most versatile garments, you can pair them with any color and it can be worn as casual and formal. There are many influential people in the fashion industry that wears black all the time like Kelly Cutrone judge of America's Next Top Model and American Fashion publicist "People's Revolution", if you watch her reality show "Kell on earth" you can see that she always wear black outfits from top to bottom and if you Google her pictures you can see black,black, black outfits (I guess it's her way of hiding her flaws by wearing a color/garment that flatters her body) and also the creative director of one of the most celebrated fashion brand in the whole universe the creative director of Chanel Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld is known for his sharp and sleek style starting with his white hair then his white long sleeves and the icing on the cake a sleek black suit. I am a fan of the way he dress and I love his sleek, sharp and minimalist style, just like what I'm wearing for today's outfit post.

For today's outfit post it is inspired from a Gaga song "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion", I love the artistic meaning of this song (It's not anti Christ) and celebrating fashion.

What I'm Wearing: Black Suit from Markus at SM Department Store, Black Long Sleeves from Polo by Ralph Lauren, Black Trousers Thrifted and lace up leather shoes from Milanos.


  1. Love the outfit!


  2. love your style!!!!!!very chic!

  3. Love your outfit.
    amazing photo! :) you look like a model ;D

    visit my blog? http://raellarina.blogspot.com

  4. Black is classic. Good job!


  5. Nice outfit! I love the black suit! =)

  6. i like the all black ensemble! pwde na pang Men In Black!! :P


  7. oh my, kung kaya ko lang mag wear ng allblack, lalo akong mangingitim haha :) pero love the look :)

    wild and fierce

  8. Cool !
    Even my mom said you look cool, haha .


  9. Love this outfit! You look hot!
    All black suits you :)

  10. Awesome jacket! Want to follow each other?


  11. good style i like!


  12. Gorgeous man! :) thanks for dropping a comment on my blog!:)


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