Hot or Not?: Katy Perry at the cover of L'uomo Vogue July/August issue


The most important part of a fashion magazine or any magazine is the "COVER!" because this is the first thing that a consumer will notice and having an amazing cover will help you attract more people/buyers. Before I discussed my thoughts and opinions about Katy Perry's L'uomo Vogue cover I will share you first one of the things I hate in a fashion magazine. Ughhh! The "Celebrity cover girls" I think that it is a great marketing strategy of fashion magazines that they chooses a celebrity to cover their latest issue than real models but I do believed that this trend should be stopped immediately!! especially here in Philippines!! MY GAHD!! start putting real models that can pose and look great in your covers without that excessive photo editing, Fashion is really all about fantasy and I think international and local fashion magazines no longer captures the dream we all want to take part in and also fashion magazines should be artistic and edgy not a cheesy celebrity news magazine, that very long article of a celebrity is one of the things why I hate reading local fashion magazines.

Now let's move on to Katy Perry as she graces the July/August issue of L'uomo Vogue wearing an ornate jacket, hmmmmmmm.. When was the last time a male model cover this magazine? Oh wait...Years!. I am not digging the vintage effect of this cover especially her hair so not loving it! and the fact that Katy Perry is looking like a grandma just waiting for her funeral in this cover, I know L'uomo Vogue is dedicated for men and they want Katy Perry to look androgynous but they did androgynous the wrong way!. L'uomo should start putting male models again on their issue instead of putting Female models/celebrities on their cover and transforming them into a guy, I think if they just change the color effect of this magazine this cover might work out.

So what do you think of Katy Perry's L'uomo Vogue July/August issue? 
Is it Hot?!! or Not?!! 


  1. Hello dear,
    IT would be great if you could stop by my bloG and support Eisha throgh your comment in her contest as she is representing my island Mauritius.The one who raises the most publicity wins,hope she wins.

  2. i love how katy perry can change her look yet still look fab!! :)


  3. definetly hot!!



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