Sketching accidentally Led me into this


I really love when boredom strikes at me because I do things that I don't want to do or never imagine myself doing just like cleaning my room ( I'm a very lazy boy :p) btw my mom loves when Mr. Boredom strikes at me especially when my room is full of clutter. I've been lying on my bed for almost 6-8 hours and doing nothing but I guess Mr. Boredom strikes again (well I'm not thinking of cleaning my room or doing household chores) instead of doing chores I've decided to sketch different objects, faces and buildings since I'm an art student. At first I told to myself that I will just sketch but I guess I'm too inspired that I've decided to replicate Gaga's Skeleton look at her Born this Way Music Video and Thierry Mugler's Zombie boy, when it comes to inspirations my reference is always from pop culture btw I'm using a 2b pencil from Faber Castell

Hope you like it ^__^ 

Making a light outline of how I want my illustration to look like 

Adding all the details of my Illustration

Without further adieu I present to you the final outcome!! 


  1. That's so cool, Michael! I wish I could draw. :(

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