Grooming: Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet review ^__^


I don't always have the confidence to review products in the field of beauty and wellness because I have a lot of insecurities especially with my face that's why I chose being a fashion/style blogger but for a change I will do another one (hope you find me attractive! LOL!). 

Haha! this is my second blog post about beauty products/review way back last year It's about a concealer that can hide imperfections in our face without people noticing that you're wearing one ( I know it's cool!) and now I'm gonna review a beauty product for guys and also for girls who want to be shine free all the time. There are different types of skin like Dry, Sensitive, Oily and Combination luckily I got the oily skin type (It's better to have an oily skin than sensitive). As I enter the so called "puberty period" I noticed that my face becomes oily and pimples starts appearing on my cheeks and chin, I don't know what to do I'm in panic mode at that moment then my friend explained to me what causes pimples and I learned that oil clogs our pores therefore clogged pores results to pimples. 

I bought beauty products like facial wash, toners, face powder etc. that can make my skin less oily because I don't want my friends to call me "Shining Shimmering Splendid" because of my face, I thought applying face powder can help me avoid having oily face but this will just clog my pores resulting to pimples then my friend recommend to me to use this oil control film that can instantly make your face shine free. 

Presenting Gatsby Oil Clear Sheet! a handy hanky to wipe out the oil in my face, affordable, easy to use just gently rub it in your face, the blotting film is very durable and it won't rip like other oil blotting paper and looked clean and fresh after using it. I highly recommend this product for people who want to be fresh and shine free anytime ^__^. 

Cons: can't think of any... 

Love the black and white color! so classy...

Just keep on rubbing it till there's no oil (go lang ng go!) lol look at my face! HAHAHAHAHHA! XD

Guys always remember to stay cute and attractive while rubbing this paper on your face especially when your girl is watching you (pa cute muna sa camera! pwede na ba akong model ng Gatsby? hahahaha

After 1minute of rubbing it on my face. Ewwwness! look at this!! so unattractive! diretso na agad sa basurahan! huwag na itago sa bulsa! 

Gatsby Oil clear sheet is available in all leading beauty stores nationwide


  1. Haha!
    I love the photos :D

  2. Would you believe I used to buy and use that during my highschool days.. hahaha. pero as far as I remember, color blue yung gatsby film. ganyan na ba ang bagong color nyan?

  3. I want 10 pieces please.
    Great review.
    I will shearching around here...

  4. nakakatawa tong post mo haha :)) cool!

    wild and fierce

  5. You're too cute, Mr. Macalos. Too cute. :) That photo collage totally made my night.


    1. Awww. thank you Wonder Woman! :)
      your comment made my day naman. hahahahah! XD

  6. cool! Though I am not a fan of Gatsby.. I once tried their cleanser and the result was awful! I prefer Masters.. but right now, currently using Belo.. really effective! :D


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