Battle Born x The Killers Inspired look


Music is such a big part of my life just like watching movies it can take you to different places, moods, emotions etc by just listening to it. There are two artist in the music industry that has been a big influence in my life, one is Gaga (don't judge, it doesn't mean I'm gay coz I'm listening to gaga's song) she is very inspiring in many ways and... The Killers!! these awesome dudes really influenced me a lot growing up in my teenage life but I'm still a teenager! LOL. Their songs are just so awesome from the moment I saw their "Human" music video I was in full pleasure because of what Brandon Flowers (lead vocalist and keyboards) was wearing (the suit with feathers on the shoulders, gaaaaaaaah!!). I really love their songs and also their style especially when they are performing on stage and in their music videos; they proved to many music lovers and people that you don't need to wear these garbage-ish clothes to look like a rocker/rockstar.

This outfit post is inspired by The Killers music video "Runaways" (favorite song from their newest album Battle Born) because of the leather jacket that I'm wearing "I feel like a rock star" and in the music video Brandon was wearing a leather jacket too.

What I'm wearing: Leather Jacket from thrift shop, Shirt from H&M, skinny jeans from Levi's, shoes from Converse and eye wear from Mint.

Out now!!!!! 


  1. you have such a great style. love this outfit :)

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    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  2. Cool!! but where's the mic..?? lol!! never tried out listening to The Killers since I am not a hard rock fan, I prefer slow and pop rock like Halestorm, Evanescence etc... but yeah, they seem to be a cool band.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  3. I've always loved leather with maroon so this outfit is A+ for me! You're so lucky you found a leather jacket in a thrift shop. I find it hard to find one in my size.

  4. You have the coolest sunnies! :)



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