Guys love shoes: Rajo Laurel For Milanos

Rajo for Milanos 
In the world of fashion, the name Rajo Laurel is synonymous with elegant and chic couture collections that have rocked the local and international style scenes. Possessing seemingly never-ending supplies of creativity and drive, he has produced some of the most breathtaking designs from classic to trend-inspired garments. This year, Rajo turns to his recent travel to Japan to produce his exclusive shoe collections for local retail leader SM. Thank God that Rajo Laurel collaborated with one of my favorite local shoe brand here in Philippines; Milanos!, I love Milanos Shoes because it is very affordable (super!) yet stylish and also comfortable to wear ^__^. 

P.S Will blog what happened at the Launch of Rajo Laurel for Milanos and Parisian in a bit. :) 


(a must buy!!) 
price: P 1,499.75

(the metal reminds me of Bryan Boy's shades from Mcqueen)
price: P 1, 499.75

(diba parang pangalan lang ng character sa Dragon Ball Z)
price: P 1,999.75

(obsessed with this!!) 
price: P 1,299.75

price: P 1,299.75
(another must buy!)
price: P 1,999.75

price: P 1,999.75

(diba lakas maka villain ng pangalan ng shoes na to!)
price: P 1,499.75 

(simply chic)
price: P 1,499.75
price: P 1,999.75

To learn more about Milanos visit and like their facebook page click here and don't forget to follow them on twitter for daily updates of their products. 

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  1. So cute shoes collection. The design and color are so comfortable.
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