Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2013 NYFW: Back to It's Preppy Standards


Tommy Hilfiger never let me down when it comes to preppy and stylish outfit for guys. I must say that I'm a big Fan of Tommy Hilfiger's works because he really understands how a guy should dress and look like which is strong, masculine and powerful (like a boss!) unlike other designers who incorporates feminine flair and girly pieces in their menswear collection like outrageous and tacky floral or non floral prints, dress like pants, really thick soles of shoes (kulang na lang heels na!) and very loose top (yung tipong labas labas ang cleavage). I think only few men can appreciate these type of clothing those who are not afraid to take a risk when it comes to the way they dress but let's face the fact guys! not all who exist in this world are aware of trends or even read fashion magazines, I bet if they saw walking down the street looking like you're straight from a designer's fashion show (collection) they will think that you're crazy and you dress so poorly which is very opposite to fashion people's mind, going back to Tommy Hilfiger's Spring/Summer 2012 collection; the collection is very classic and harvard-ish like, I love the blazers and the patch, colorful stripes, cable knit v-neck sweaters and vivid colors. This is how a good boy from an American college meets the eccentric bohemian, melting interestingly. 

Here is my top picks (including above) from this collection.


  1. What a great selection of pictures! Love them!

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  2. love all combinations... but my favourite one is first; that sweater is perfect :)


  3. Love the clean look at the end. Just don't approve with the shoes though.


  4. It's as simple as this: Tommy does preppy best + preppy looks amazing on men = this collection is perfect. xx

  5. I like the preppy look. :) Is it bad if I say it looks very One Direction? :> In a good way though. Sort of polished and Brit.


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