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Here's a little information about Razon's of Guagua:  Razon’s  of Guagua is a family business passed through generations to generations. Most of the items in their menu are family recipes. The first branch of Razon’s of Guagua in Metro Manila opened on July 8, 2003. Located in the Food Court at Robinson’s Galleria, it offers Pampanga’s famous halo-halo, pancit luglug and ensaymadas, along with assorted tarts, chicharon and taba ng talangka. Today, there are twenty five (25) branches of Razon’s of Guagua in Metro Manila (SM San Lazaro) and the South (Laguna and Tagaytay) Razon’s of Guagua has two types of stores; Kiosk and Full Menu. With an increased menu, Razon’s of Guagua is constantly attracting customers intrigued by its new offerings.

We Filipinos love Halo-Halo (Filipino Dessert) and we all know Razon's is famous for its delicious and addicting Halo-halo. Me along with my fellow bloggers visited Razon's of Guagua SM San Lazaro's branch (located at lower ground floor in front of Bingo Gallery and near World of Fun) to taste their super delish food and what they are famous for "The Razon's Halo-Halo", for your information this is the largest Razon's branch here in Manila. So without further adieu (diba lakas lang maka tv show) let's start my Razon's of Guagua experience!!  

Map of Pampanga

Full house during Weekends mostly family and professionals.

Diba parehas lang kami ng name ni kuyang nagse-serve! (Michael Vincent

First they served us their Sizzling Sisig!. 
price: P 177.00
The best sisig that I've ever ate although its not that crunchy which I know one characteristic of sisig we are all looking for (the crunchiness) pero masarap pa din. Basta winner talaga to! sobrang sarap!! they said it was really made for "ulam" than as "pulutan" and its all worth paying for!! :) 
Rating Five star! perfect!! 

Bangus Meal.
price: P 122.00
I have to admit it hindi ako fan ng kahit anong fish na dish kasi walang lasa that's why I prefer eating meat than eating fish (mas masarap kaya!) pero nung natikman ko to ok naman siya lasang isda! pero masarap at tasty siya ang dami ba namang garlic na nakalagay sa taas tapos wala siyang masyadong tinik unlike ng ibang bangus na dish grabe! halos tamarin ka na kumain kaka tanggal ng tinik!. Over all rating hmmm.. four star!

na massacre!

Then they served us their Sizzling Bulalo!! 
price: P 240.00
another winner dish from Razon's of Guagua. When I tasted this, it has the resemblance of Lamb meat. The gravy is super creamy (factor na lalong nagpasarap sa dish na to) and it blends well with the bulalo!. Over all rating five star! 

Pancit Luglug 
price: P 92.00
The noodles were thick and soft, made more mouth watering by its bright orange sauce, love the bits of chicharon that adds more flavor to the noodles. over all rating hmmmm.. 4 stars 

tapos ito na siya.,,
waaaaaaah run for your lives! (baliw pasensya na!)
Razon's Halo-Halo!

diba instant celebrity si kuya!

And finally the famous Halo-halo of Razon's unlike other halo-halo that have lots of ingredients, Razon's halo-halo only has 4; macapuno, saging na saba, evaporated milk and leche flan. I love their crushed ice (crushed it different way) it is very fine and you wouldn't have a hard time mixing it together with the other 4 ingredients. Rating.. hmmmm,,?? Definitely a FIVE STAR!!!  
price: P 92.00


So what are you waiting for?!!! rush now at Razon's branch near you and taste their super delicious meals that you and your family, friends and office mates will surely enjoy!. Visit Razon's of Guagua SM San Lazaro's Branch at Lower Ground Floor infront of Bingo Gallery and near World of Fun. ^__^



  1. I love Razon's halo-halo! Everything looks delicious! *stomach rumbles*

  2. Ginutom ako bigla. Sarap naman nito! :)

  3. Adik ako sa baby puto sa Razon's. Gahhhh. Craving now!!!


  4. sarap !!

  5. Wow, one of my favorite...sizzling sisig....nakakatakam talaga...

  6. This place looks amazing and the dishes delicious.

    <3 Marina


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