Food: Tutti Frutti's Frozen Yogurt ♥

Tutti Frutti is the world's largest specialty frozen yogurt retail chain with 584 stores WORLDWIDE! now with 20 stores here in Philippines!. I love froyo! (frozen yogurt) actually I prefer Frozen yogurt than ice cream especially when it's from Tutti Frutti ♥,
here is a fact about Frozen yogurt; Frozen yogurt is proven to be among the healthiest of desserts in the United States. Frozen yogurt is non-fat, a great source of calcium and protein, contains live and active cultures that aids in the digestive processes and are healthy for the body, is light on the stomach, contains less calories than ice cream, and is one yummy and delicious dessert! With the renewed awareness of and zeal for healthy lifestyles, frozen yogurt is now recognized as the perfect healthy dessert.

Tutti Frutti's branch located at Upper Ground floor infront of National Bookstore at SM SAN LAZARO.

perfect place for kids, teens and even for the young at heart. 

The 4 easy steps on how to make your own Tutti Frutti :)

She is so nice! laging naka ngiti the whole time kahit pag alis namin naka ngiti pa rin siya (kahit nasa labas na kami ng mall naka smile pa din siya, HAHAHHAHA!) :) 

Fan much ng Tutti Frutti? Hay nako pangalawang blog ko na to sa Tutti Frutti (that was way back last year) kailangan na nila akong gawing Brand Ambassador! hahahahah joke :).

aside from Frozen Yogurts they are also serving Milk Tea and Desserts :)

Carrot and Chocolate cake! a must buy!! :)


And now It's my time to create my own Tutti Frutti! and also It's time to unleash my creativity!! (fine arts major ata to!). MY PEG: MINIMALIST YOGURT (diba fashyown pa din dapat!)

First select cup size (Small, Medium and large)

Choose flavor and Dispense yogurt! well I chose the vanilla flavor since ang peg ko sa yogurt na to ay minimalist. 

Step three choose toppings!! :) 
They have a wide variety of toppings to choose from

and last and final step! Weigh and pay :). My tutti frutti only cost P 150.00 not bad at all if you want to unleash your creativity and also a stress reliever :).

Presenting my very own MINIMALIST TUTTI FRUTTI! tan-tanan-tanan.. 
Vanilla + crushed Oreo cookies + choco vanilla droplet + choco vanilla droplet  ulit (kailangan yun!) + two stick-o and the icing on the cake blue plastic spoon ^__^.

I added a color popping plastic spoon :)

After I finishing my Tutti Frutti may pila agad! at mahaba siya naputol lang sa camera (abot labas ng mall! hahahahha joke lang) :)

So what are you waiting for! visit and try Tutti Frutti! located at SM San Lazaro's Upper Ground floor in front of National Bookstore :)
Diba lakas lang maka endorser :) 

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