I'm just not a morning person..


Ok.. I'm in college..I'm done with 1st semester's b*****ss and now I'm about to face the wrath of second semester. I know some of you missed my daily/weekly blog posts especially my face *ehem.. Angel (WonderWoman Rises) and you noticed that my blog was under maintenance for like 2 or 3 weeks. It's under maintenance because  I want to renovate the whole template/vibe of my blog and I can't decide with the final 2 template that I chose; since I can't decide with the two I chose the 1st template which has a jquery slider (too look "parang" professional ang blog! HAHAHAHAHA) the traffic was great considering I haven't posted a new blog posts for like 1 month but I'm not feeling the "blogger" vibe of that template and the second template looks almost the same with the 1st template kaya I end up choosing my old template but this time I changed the header, the about me and the side bars (twitter, lookbook, Bloglovin...etc) I can say that I'm fully satisfied with the whole look of my blog and hopefully in the future I have my own domain name. 

Okay back to the "I'm just not a morning person", I feel like my life is in hell this whole second semester.. you know why??!! because I have to be in class 7:30 a.m sharp!..sharp! every week starting from Monday-Friday, this schedule is more Sh***** than my schedule last semester, last semester I have to be in class 9:30 a.m and I always arrived fresh and poging pogi (handsome! ahhahahahah). Every time I set my alarm to 4:30 a.m I always end up waking up at 6:00 a.m!! you know why?? because I just turn off every time my phone alarms and immediately go back to sleep hahhahaha! (Katamaran and kabatugan to the highest level 100x) but now I'm trying to do my very best to wake up every morning and be in class on time...

Checking how my blog looks like in my phone 5:20 in the morning..

Thinking what to wear early in the morning gave me a little headache hahahhaha!

To end this post I'm totally eyeing this November Issue of Rogue Magazine, will buy this tomorrow after class. The Cover itself is very amazing and the model Pauline Prieto channels American Actress Stephanie Seymour, the controversial model of Avedon photo I also love "THE DIRTY BUSINESS OF ART FORGERY" very intriguing. 

P.S stay tuned for my next outfit/blog post ^__^


  1. I LOVE THIS PERSONAL POST... and coz you mentioned me. Hahaha. Just for the record, I didn't just miss your face, okay. I missed you, in general. Awwwww. :) POST MORE!!! :p #demanding


  2. Love when bloggers make personal posts, and they let us into they're lives! And the pictures are great!



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