Best of 2012: The Contemporary Boy way!

Cheers to a new year and another chance
for us to get it right.
-Oprah Winfrey 

A lot of awesome things happened to me this year 2012 especially in my blogging career  but I also experienced a lot of downs "on my personal life hmmm.. more sa lovelife, pbb teens lang?! hahahah ". Before I start talking/discussing that, let me first tell you guys how happy I am to achieve the things that I achieved this year 2012. This year 2012 on the month of April, my mom finally bought me a dslr camera  "after months and months of convincing her". It was a sweet graduation gift and from that moment  I knew that it was the start of everything.

Then I instantly posted some looks here in my blog and also in my Lookbook account, received a lot of positive comments, received invites from PR agencies, met cool and stylish bloggers and we became friends and still remain. I also received awesome stuff from local brands/online shops, I was lucky to get 2 fashion internships this year, got the chance to meet the owners of famous restaurants here in Manila and the best best thing that blogging gave to me is the privileged to express myself "Freedom!!!!!" but!...I think minalas ako this year when it comes to love..I know I'm still young and I will meet a lot of people after I graduate but what if that person you met and you  thought that person is the one you will love  for the rest of your life (diba drama lang, pagbigyan matatapos na ang taon!), I admit it I also made a lot of mistakes and break a lot of hearts this year so I want to take this oppurtunity to say "SORRY, THANK YOU AND GOODBYE" (odiba may ganung ganung pa ako?! ako na talaga!). Hopefully this year 2013 I found that really special person who will blew my heart and mind away.

This 2012 was awesome and I hope 2013 will be more epic, awesome, great, a lot great opportunities will come, more invites sa mga events, more cool stuff, meet old and new friends and good health to me and my family. ay oo nga pala one of the things that I really really wish to happen next year, is to be featured in Garage Magazine!!!!! please please. any feature will do. hahahahaha kahit sa likod lang ng cover ng mag niyo! hhaahha joke :). 



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