Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas vacation and you already have a gift for your special someone, family, office mates etc. Today I'm absorbing the good vibes of Barry Manilow's song "Copacabana" (lumabas na naman yung pagka oldies ko). I've had enough listening to those Christmas songs that I always hear everywhere I go (shopping malls, grocery store, convenience stores and even in our house! my gaaahhddd) , It's not like I'm playing Grinch this holiday season I'm just so over it, so I've decided to search my mom's collections of old songs and there I found Barry Manilow's album Copacabana. I just love the rhythm and the beat of this song and every time I played it makes me want to take a vacation to Copacabana at Rio De Janeiro.

Love this shirt from Playlord, perfect for my Copacabana outfit 

my easy style trick when I'm wearing oxford shoes (fold your pants gents!)

What I'm wearing: 
Shirt from playlord
Pants from Rough Rider Jeans
Oxford Shoes from Korea with love ♥

Love this shoes that I bought last Saturday!! from Korea with love!!!♥


  1. Simple but elegant! :)


  2. thanks for visiting my blog, copacabana is very beautiful. is just one of the gorgeous beauties of Rio de Janeiro.



  3. Love this post - outfit and setting are perfect!
    Motorcycle Jackets

  4. I like how the ambiance match your outfit! More outfit post for 2013? :) Let's follow each other! :)


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