Event: Bloggers United 4

Probably this is the event where fashionistas and bloggers always look forward to here in the Philippines. This is the fourth installment of Bloggers United and to be honest this is my first time to attend this event coz  I was extremely busy with school works and interships (fyi I did not pursue anymore my Internship with a particular company because I want to focus more on my studies and also some issues that I think I should keep to myself) that's why I couldn't attend the past Bloggers United installments. I was with my blogger friend/classmate Mike Miguel (this is also his first time hehe) and we surely had fun seeing all my blogger friends which I haven't seen for like 3 months or more especially Angel (hehe it was nice bumping in to you that day, aww I miss her so much) and the bloggers trying to charm their customers in selling their fashion used clothes.

GAAH!! super affordable accessories!! in pesos!!

daming tao!!

David Guison's booth

Bjorn's Booth


Bjorn Bedayo is selling these shirts!! they are all awesome Bjorn!! ^__^

biglang eksena nilang dalawa Kelly Medina and Gelo Arucan! dalawang bonggang Stylist nagsama sa stage! hahhahahahha

more picture ganap with blogger friends 

With Lemuel Urieta who is somehow shocked with my height "tangkad ko daw! choz! hahahha"

with Aisa Ipac! boyfriend at girlfriend lang ang ganap?!! hahahah

dahil di ako maka decide sa dalawa kaya to! hahahha
with Miko Carreon

Ang blogger na All around! Paul , coz he was not selling nung Saturday..

more Accessories ganap!

geh gorl! kaya mo yan! halukayin mo lang yan!!

saveeeeee ng pants ni kuya?!!!

si Ate maka fringe na bag wagas!
pagbigyan kinaganda niya yan hahahha

eh yung pagod ka na kakatayo at biglang uma-ura yung kasama ko ng gantong pose?!!!

another round of picture ganap with blogger friends

Phya ♥ hehehe palakihan ng eyebags no?!! hahahhaha

pa picture with his idol na blogger! Patricia Prieto hahaha

with Arnie Villanueva
With Ana Gonzales :))

with Sarah Tirona

Kabog ang cover ng Madhouse Mnl sa bago nilang issue! Aisa Ipac

After namin mag shopping, pak! outfit shots naman sa labas ng venue! hahahaha
shot by yours truly :))

Mike Miguel and Phya :))
mga aking moowwwdels! hahahah

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  1. Thank you! :) Tawang tawa talaga ako sa word na ganap hahaha "more accessories ganap" ;D
    Till next BU! :)


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