Kailangan ko tong ishare sainyong lahat! Kahit medyo kakapost ko lang ng lookbook spotlight post "SixLee's lookbook" (ayaw niyo yun sunod sunod na lookbook spotlight? hahaha). Let me share to all of you my lovely readers Topman's spring/summer 2013 lookbook styled by Julian Ganio, this lookbook is all about  vibrant prints, bold colors and young attitude, these three things are the reasons why I'm a big fan of Topman designs. 

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The Awesome spring/summer 2013 lookbook of Topman

While I was surfing my favorite online fashion magazines (well yan lang naman madalas kong gawin dito sa world wide web pag wala ka akong magawa) I found this awesome boots in oxblood from Tricker's x End Hunting Co. and I want them so baaaaad!!. Oxblood has been creating a huge buzz since last year, from top fashion houses like Burberry, Gucci, Mcqueen, Ricci etc. and also fashion bloggers is going gaga for oxblood! at dahil diyan makapag outfit post nga sa sunod ng head to toe oxblood! hahhahha chos!.

They are available now!!! at End Clothing

P.S I think I'm madly deeply inlove....



And then I saw this Oxblood Boots

Decided to wear my shorts today coz I'm not feeling of wearing jeans/trousers, that's why the title of this post is "The short stories" coz I'm wearing shorts and I have a story to share! hahahaha!. My love for prints will live on forever!!!.
Over the past few days I realized that I've spent almost of my time reading this book that I bought last year of September but never opened it/read it because I'm not feeling of reading it that time plus the movie was about to hit the cinemas. I remember my classmate from high school told me you should also read the book even though you've already seen the movie because there are small/important details in the book that sometimes film makers ignore. The book that I'm talking about is "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", I just loved it! the movie and the book "nothing to debate about". I'm about to hit the end of the book and I'm planning to read next.. the epic story of Life of Pi on my galaxy note tab "haha wala na akong budget gumastos sa mga libro! kakaloka!!. ehem* Fully Booked. hahahah



The Short Stories

I'm very meticulous when it comes to buying products for my hair (if you're a reader of my blog you already know my daily hair care routine) like I will do tons of research online before buying the product "syempre important ang hair kailangan menteyn! natin yan hahaha". I'm into hair products that has lots of benefits to my hair but won't hurt my wallet, I'm willing naman to spend huge money "maka huge money big time?!!"  if the product is worth it and if I heard many great reviews about it. Thank God a lot of company here in Philippines like SkinTec offer beauty and health products that are affordable but don't risk the quality of it.

Before starting this product review I have to confess this first "I'm a huge fan of using gatsby wax", I'm a gatsby user but it doesn't mean that I will stick to Gatsby forever I'm open naman to using new products lalo na pag bago pa lang siya sa market.

This review is pure and honest review, no bias going on at all :)

Grips hair clay FX with pro vitamin B5
Hold: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Shine:  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

ingredients: petrolatum, cyclomethicone, beeswax, silica, dimethyl, silylate, aluminum, starch octenylsuccinate, chlorphenesin, mica, titanium dioxide, pro-vitamin b5 (diba parang bumalik lang ako ng high school "Chemistry" ugggh!!) 

base sa taas, this product can hold your hair all day all night and it's not shiny "very matte",so to prove that this product can hold your hair all day I used it going to school and made an experiment if it's really true. 

Let's apply the awesome Grips wax! hahahah
FYI it only took me 10 minutes to style and fix my hair (mabilis na para sa akin yun kasi mahaba na yung hair ko mahirap na i-managed) .



Product Review: Grips Hair Clay FX

After a long long days (joke tinamad lang ako maghanap haah chos!) of looking through designers lookbooks and finding a unique collection, finally! I found one! let me introduce to you SixLee's Fall/Winter 2013 collection! (diba best in introducing lang!).

A little background about SixLeeAfter graduating the world famous The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen in 2009, Hong Kong born designer Six Lee moved to London for a collaboration at the Alexander McQueen menswear team. The traditional British tailoring - translated in clean cuts and sharp lines - combined with soft colors and dreamy, boyish details result in unique silhouettes. As well as a new fresh level with modern twists and new proportions, to make a statement on traditional tailoring. As an overly romantic person, Six Lee gets inspired by the most diverse genres of music and films. The emotion he puts into writing poems or pressing flowers, will be found in every single piece from his hands. Carrying a touch of his love - never ever disappointing.


Lookbook spotlight: SixLee Fall/Winter 2013 collection

Manila's weather is so unpredictable! just like New York, for example in the morning it was very sunny but  in the afternoon it will suddenly rain very hard.. wtf!!. I woke up this morning freezing to death!. (according to PAG ASA the mercury dropped to a chilly 18.1 degrees celcius earlier, the lowest temperature recorded in Metro Manila since the cold season began in December) I can't even go to the bathroom and shower because the weather and water is so cold plus our heater is not working why?!! when you needed it most! but this doesn't stop me from taking a bath!! hahaha I remember I was screaming "woooh!" inside our bathroom every time I turn on the shower's handle (hehe hindi ko alam tawag dun eh! basta yung pihitan para lumabas yung water).

So for today's outfit post I've decided to wear a black sweater that has a quite thick wool, my black shorts and over used boots! to go with the whole look. Seriously I need to buy new boots or someone who is generous to give me new boots hahhaha kidding, this boots needs to rest!   



Unpredictable weather

"BIG SALE ALERT: Ascend to the high point of high fashion for a shopping experience you will never forget. 
Indulge at the GREAT NORTHERN SALE this February 1 to 3, with up to 70% off on selected brands"

Sale Alert: It's SM North Edsa's The Great Northern Sale!!

Here are my top 5 shows at FW 13 menswear Paris Fashion Week



My top 5 shows at FW 13 Menswear Paris fashion week.

I know a place where you can eat delicious food, chill with your friends and party all night and yes! you can do all these things in just one place and it's just here around the metro. Let me introduce to all of you guys Uno Lounge, a restaurant bar located at greenfield district, Mandaluyong City (just mrt ride away from our house). This two storey lounge is probably one of the best lounge that I've been to around the metro and I'm very sure that you'll also love this place. I love the whole interior of this place, it reminds me of a popular lounge in Europe especially the walls and the lights.



Uno Lounge "A place to chill and party!"

Bought a Samsung galaxy note tablet and I loooooove it!! :)

Oxblood sana color ng case ko kaya lang wala akong mahanap, kaya yun stick na lang sa dark violet "fashyon parin naman eh" hahaha


Hey There Mr. Tab

This is just an introduction/snippet of my next restaurant feature post (para bongga! hahahha). 

How y'all doing guys?, hope you are all enjoying the weekends even though it's raining cats and dogs. I'm just here to share you my new found lounge and party around the Metro. Last Friday I was invited by openrice Philippines for their Eat's a date event where we feature and write a review of a restaurant in our blogs.

Together with my fellow food/fashion bloggers we reviewed Uno Lounge, a bar/restaurant located at greenfield district, Mandaluyong City. Gaaaaaah!! I'm in love with this place!!, the interior, the food, the drinks, their cr (watch out for my next blog post why I love their cr! hahaha), the DJ, the crowd, everything!!, this place just simply took my heart away.

Watch out for my next blog post about this, where I will feature their specialties, drinks, and the ambiance/vibe of the whole place. ^_^. 



I found a new trendy place to chill and party!

long break

Miami print shorts from Topman/ SWIMS rubber and mesh boat shoes from Mr. Porter/Sunglasses from Rayban/books from MR. Porter

Why I always have this feeling that my body, mind and soul (hahaha savveeee?!!) is in need of a long long long vacation....I'm already planning what to do, what my summer playlist would be, where to go and what to wear this coming summer even though it's 3 months away pa pero nagplano na ako!. I wish malapit na mag summer!.

 I was inspired to make this blog post by a movie that I watched few days ago, the title of the movie "Judy Moody and The Not so bummer summer" dahil sa movie na yun lalo tuloy akong tinamad pumasok parang gusto ko na agad mag summer vacation,  diba kung napanood niyo tong movie na to nakakaloka lang! kasi yung nagplano pa talaga sila kung ano yung gagawin nilang mag babarkada sa summer tapos hindi natuloy kasi yung ibang friends niya pumunta sa ibang bansa/lugar, yung isa pumunta sa Borneo tapos yung isa parang pumunta sa isang magic workshop "gusto niya maging magician!" hahaha tapos may competition ganap ganap pa silang nalalaman kahit malayo sa isa't isa basta watch niyo na lang tong movie na to para alam niyo yung mga pinagsasabi ko, btw napanood ko yung movie na to sa HBO.

siguradong pasok sa summer playlist ko! hahahah!
ganda ng beat lalo na yung simula very summer lang :)).
NAKAKALOKA yung may rest in peace pa! hahahah never mind na lang guys :)


I need a long vacation...Again

In my last blog post I showed you guys the hairstyles that are in and will be in this year 2013, now this time let me tell you guys how do I take care of my hair by showing you my daily hair care routine and my favorite products that I'm using to maintain my shiny and healthy hair (odiba parang commercial lang ng shampoo!) plus hair care tips for you guys. Simple lang naman ang hair care routine ng mga boys unlike sa girls kasi sa girls kailangan nila mag apply ng iba't ibang klase ng hair products para ma maintain yung straight and smooth hair nila since karamihan naman sa sangkatauhan naming mga lalaki (hahahha sang-katauhan talaga! chura!)  ay short hair so hindi mahirap alagaan at imanaged, kaya simulan na natin to! (Let's start!) <<<< diba LRT lang ang peg with English and Filipino translation!.

Chura ko dito!! hahah sorry yan lang ang picture ko na may mala shampoo commercial and datingan!



My Daily Hair Care Routine

odiba pati anak kumikita na sa fashion industry! like mother like son lang ang ganap dito!. Romeo Beckham son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham disturbs the mannequins for Burberry's Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Video. bata pa lang model na ng sikat na brand nakaka-inggit naman kaloka sana nung bata ako na offeran din ako! hahahah. Burberry's ad campaign was directed by Christopher Bailey and shot by the awesome Mario Testino, the campaign features a British cast including Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Charlotte Wiggins, Charlie France, Alex Dunstan and Max Rendell.

music: Tom Odell - Another Love


Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Video starring Romeo Beckham

Attention readers, visitors and loyal fans (chos lang! hahaha) who are living here in Manila, Philippines, SM North will be having its BIG END OF SEASON SALE!!!. Diba kahit kakatapos lang ng Christmas parang christmas na naman because of this Big end season sale by SM North Edsa!, favorite past time ko talaga ang pag sho-shopping lalo na pag maraming pera! oy alam ko marami kayong pera ngayon dahil sa mga binigay ng inyong ninong/ninang or mga bonus/13th month pay! kaya i-shopping niyo na yan! gooooow!

 The big End of Season Sale will starts now until January 13! Up to 70% off on selected items from fashion brands, beauty products, shoes, bags, and more! Get your shopping bags ready and head on over to SM City North EDSA, Northern Shoppers!

For more info about this go visit SM North Edsa's facebook page click here
and follow them on twitter for instant updates click here


SM City North EDSA End of Season Sale - Jan 4-13, 2013

First Second day of the year and first second day of everything that will happen this year 2013. This is my first look for the year. I've decided to go for sportswear chic,  put on my denim jacket paired it with an overhauled jeans and new Nike shoes.

So, do you wanna know how I spent the first day of the year? hmmmmm.., as usual I woke up in the morning feeling great and positive then I pick up my phone, took a photo of myself (vain) "how I look on the first day of the year" then posted it in my Instagram account, washed my face with Neutrogena ,ate my all time favorite breakfast "cereals" because mom was very exhausted and tired (because of New Year's Eve) to prepare a five star breakfast for me and my little brother "heheheh" then I stroll around the neighborhood just to check out how everyone's doing, I saw some of my neighbors cleaning the streets and I also saw my friend with his family jogging around the park "they all look cute in Adidas shoes".

School starts tomorrow, I'm still not ready to face all the unfinished school works and plates that my professors gave/assigned to me last year, I'm still not ready for another  round of sleepless nights and I'm not ready to see my classmates!! hahahahahha.



After the Loud Noises and the big bang

Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 19 national and one regional edition by Condé Nast. Vogue has a total of 19 Editor-in-chiefs, from Ana Wintour (U.S) to Emmanuelle Alt   (Paris) to Paula Mateus (Portugal) and to Christiane Arp (Germany), Vogue indeed ruled the fashion publications and it was described by book critic Caroline Weber in The New York Times in December 2006 as "the world's most influential fashion magazine".

Dahil New year na! napag-pasiyahan kong mangalap ng mga January 2013 issues ng Vogue Magazines all around the world! para mas maganda diba! kaya start na natin to! diba parang MS. Universe lang!. Let's start from candidate number one!  HAHAHAHAH


U.S (Gwen Stefani) 
Goldeng girl ang peg ni Gwen dito!

BILIS!! ^__^


Vogue January 2013 Covers: All Around the World!

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