After the Loud Noises and the big bang

First Second day of the year and first second day of everything that will happen this year 2013. This is my first look for the year. I've decided to go for sportswear chic,  put on my denim jacket paired it with an overhauled jeans and new Nike shoes.

So, do you wanna know how I spent the first day of the year? hmmmmm.., as usual I woke up in the morning feeling great and positive then I pick up my phone, took a photo of myself (vain) "how I look on the first day of the year" then posted it in my Instagram account, washed my face with Neutrogena ,ate my all time favorite breakfast "cereals" because mom was very exhausted and tired (because of New Year's Eve) to prepare a five star breakfast for me and my little brother "heheheh" then I stroll around the neighborhood just to check out how everyone's doing, I saw some of my neighbors cleaning the streets and I also saw my friend with his family jogging around the park "they all look cute in Adidas shoes".

School starts tomorrow, I'm still not ready to face all the unfinished school works and plates that my professors gave/assigned to me last year, I'm still not ready for another  round of sleepless nights and I'm not ready to see my classmates!! hahahahahha.


I love the fit and style of this Denim Jacket. Bought at Thrift shop.

Pants from Bench/, I love love Bench/ talaga! mwaaaaaah! :**

White with black line button down from Markus. Yup I do own a lot of Markus clothes! hahaha they should hire me as their brand ambassador! hahahah chos! hello Markus and SM Department Stores and Henry Sy!.

Love this cool sunnies from SM Accessories!!! NEW FAVE!!!

Di lang pang sports pang fashion pa! 

What I'm wearing:
Buttown Down from Markus
Denim Jacket Thrifted
Overhauled jeans Bench/
Shoes from Nike
Sunnies from SM Accessories


  1. Hi
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following!
    Great outfit, love your glasses!

    I'm following you back on GFC too

    Keep feeling positive and have a great day at school tomorrow



  2. You look very well! I really like the denim outfit!



  3. You pull off the denim look so well! Wishing you lots of luck in the new year!

  4. great glasses!! www.fashionifancy.com

  5. YUNG SHOES MO!!! OMG!!!! :)))
    Grabe, I've never seen a guy wearing a denim jacket. Cool look!!
    you pulled it off perfectly well ;D

    Rae :3

  6. Love your outfit!! Your shoes are amazing! And I really love your sunglasses! I have never seen a boy wearing this kind of jacket and it's cool! Love it :)
    Happy new year!! Have a lovely year!
    Visit my blog when you want :)



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