Product Review: Grips Hair Clay FX

I'm very meticulous when it comes to buying products for my hair (if you're a reader of my blog you already know my daily hair care routine) like I will do tons of research online before buying the product "syempre important ang hair kailangan menteyn! natin yan hahaha". I'm into hair products that has lots of benefits to my hair but won't hurt my wallet, I'm willing naman to spend huge money "maka huge money big time?!!"  if the product is worth it and if I heard many great reviews about it. Thank God a lot of company here in Philippines like SkinTec offer beauty and health products that are affordable but don't risk the quality of it.

Before starting this product review I have to confess this first "I'm a huge fan of using gatsby wax", I'm a gatsby user but it doesn't mean that I will stick to Gatsby forever I'm open naman to using new products lalo na pag bago pa lang siya sa market.

This review is pure and honest review, no bias going on at all :)

Grips hair clay FX with pro vitamin B5
Hold: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
Shine:  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

ingredients: petrolatum, cyclomethicone, beeswax, silica, dimethyl, silylate, aluminum, starch octenylsuccinate, chlorphenesin, mica, titanium dioxide, pro-vitamin b5 (diba parang bumalik lang ako ng high school "Chemistry" ugggh!!) 

base sa taas, this product can hold your hair all day all night and it's not shiny "very matte",so to prove that this product can hold your hair all day I used it going to school and made an experiment if it's really true. 

Let's apply the awesome Grips wax! hahahah
FYI it only took me 10 minutes to style and fix my hair (mabilis na para sa akin yun kasi mahaba na yung hair ko mahirap na i-managed) .


Bring the grips wax with me just in case I need to do some retouches. :)
Hopefully I don't need to re apply again the product.

After 30 minutes of travelling to school. 
hahha feeling nasa New York lang "how I wish" :)

It's still holds my hair!! shooot! lakas maka artista ng arrive ko sa FEU! HAHAHAHHA
Daniel Padilla is that you? hahh (btw Daniel Padilla is Grip's new face, sana ako na ang sunod! hahah)

kailangan ko pa lumabas ng room para ma picturan lang :) hahaha effort!

Arrived at school 7:30 a.m (I'm not an early person) hahaha diba ang aga lang!

Side view side of my hair using Grips hair clay FX

After 5 hours and 30 minutes, my hair looks the same I leaved our house!! yeayy! no ayos ayos  and re apply the product ganap so far "cute ko dito aminin niyo!!" :))

After 2 hours and after kong ma haggard kaka gawa ng plate, ten-tene-nen! the Grips hair clay wax still holds my hair, I guess this product is really great in terms of holding your hair (great job!)

After 2 hours again! 5:00 p.m uwian na! hhahahha ganda pa rin ng hair ko! hahahahah
diba parang tatakbo lang ako ng election sa picture na to! hahahahah

So I guess this product can really hold your hair up to 24 hours and it's easy to wash pa! unlike other hair styling products pahirapan pa tanggalin yung inapply mong product.

Nice packaging
Holds your hair up to 24 hours
has a good scent
has a nice texture and it's not sticky 
easy to wash
and not shiny 


Price: super affordable!! for only 81.00 php!!

Final Verdict: I highly recommend this product and I will buy it again!

Where to buy this product: at puregold, leading department stores nationwide, drugstores and sa inyong suking tindahan! hahahah

To learn more about this great product
go visit their facebook page: click here
and for instant update: click here


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