The Short Stories

Decided to wear my shorts today coz I'm not feeling of wearing jeans/trousers, that's why the title of this post is "The short stories" coz I'm wearing shorts and I have a story to share! hahahaha!. My love for prints will live on forever!!!.
Over the past few days I realized that I've spent almost of my time reading this book that I bought last year of September but never opened it/read it because I'm not feeling of reading it that time plus the movie was about to hit the cinemas. I remember my classmate from high school told me you should also read the book even though you've already seen the movie because there are small/important details in the book that sometimes film makers ignore. The book that I'm talking about is "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", I just loved it! the movie and the book "nothing to debate about". I'm about to hit the end of the book and I'm planning to read next.. the epic story of Life of Pi on my galaxy note tab "haha wala na akong budget gumastos sa mga libro! kakaloka!!. ehem* Fully Booked. hahahah


What I'm wearing:
Printed Top: Local fashion designer
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Milanos
Watch: Swatch
bracelet and ring: Fox

Love this shirt that personally made for me from a local fashion designer here in Manila. 
It's suede with floral prints. I don't know, I have a weakness for cool printed shirts like if I spot one I will instantly buy it even though it doesn't fit me well, I'll just alter it. 

Cute little eye ring from Fox (upcoming online store by my friend Mike Miguel) 

paired it with my newly bought blue violet H&M shorts.


  1. Na-enjoy ko basahin short story mo haha! Pero mas masarap pa rin yung totoong libro! :D

  2. I actually love but love The Perks of Being a Wallflower, read it last summer and re-read it in winter break! It's a really great book, and the movie is just awesome! I hope you really enjoyed the book, and your look is just great, the shirt is really cool



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