Uno Lounge "A place to chill and party!"

I know a place where you can eat delicious food, chill with your friends and party all night and yes! you can do all these things in just one place and it's just here around the metro. Let me introduce to all of you guys Uno Lounge, a restaurant bar located at greenfield district, Mandaluyong City (just mrt ride away from our house). This two storey lounge is probably one of the best lounge that I've been to around the metro and I'm very sure that you'll also love this place. I love the whole interior of this place, it reminds me of a popular lounge in Europe especially the walls and the lights.


Liquor Bar

This is the probably the first time that I peed on gold stones. hahahahha
I thought this place was under construction because I didn't saw any urinal but it wasn't on under construction or the urinal is missing, you have to literally pee on the stones. hhahaha 

their unique and beautiful chandelier and wall lights.

second floor

lavish wall designs and sofas. 

after the manager toured and talks about when it was established, whole concept and how they come up with the name of this lounge, we now headed back to the first floor to try their specialties. 

First they served us their freshly brewed ice tea while waiting for the dishes to arrive. This drink replenish my thirstiness hahah kasi ba naman I forgot to drink water after leaving the house kaya yun uhaw na uhaw akong dumating dito. The taste of this drink reminds me of calamansi juice and a juice in a bottle I think Lipton iced tea. 

Then they served us Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing. Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing? FTW!! I highly recommend this! it's tasty and quite spicy for me, well I think you will not notice the spiciness of it if you're a big fan of spicy dishes.  I love that they chose blue cheese for this dish. Blue cheese offers  a lot of great health benefits.

Smoke Salmond Roulade! 
gooosh! this is sooo addicting!! smoked salmond with cream cheese, fried capers, shallot rings and alfalfa! 
The manager told us that this is her all time favorite and I immediately grabbed one because I was curious why it is her all time favorite dish and guess what? I think this is also my favorite!!!! (gaya gaya lang sa manager! hahaha).

Full house ovale (350 php.)
Definitely full house! thin crust with your usual toppings. 
Love the shape of it, it is delicious and tasty, it was perfectly cooked and the price is very affordable. 

Buddha's feast (395 php.)
It's a pizza with veggie all over it (pineapples, bacon, ham, shitake mushroom, onions, bell pepper). Personally I didn't expect that I will like or should I say love this pizza because you now I'm not into eating vegetables and I rarely eat one (I'm a fruitarian hahhaha), maybe when I reached the age of  30 and above. 

Sea food pizza (495 php.)
Uno offers different types of pizza and this pizza is for those people who love seafood! 

Four season pizza ovale 
If you want to taste their best pizzas in one plate then order this!.

Pork Belly Cofit with salted egg and tomato salad.
Another favorite dish!.
Ganda lang ng plating ng dish na to! 

Slow roasted pork with jicama and red cabbage slaw. 

Seared cajun tofu with caramelized onion with pork belly. 
One thing you should know about me, I'm not a big fan of Tofu!! and since I'm that kind of person who just eat what he sees is delicious and tasty, without hesitation I tasted this and not realizing that there's a tofu in this dish, I thought it was just a toasted bread with sisig on top of it but I was wrong. In my next visit I will order this because It's superb and heavenly tasty. 

and to complete the list, they served crab cakes with roasted corn relish and citrus salad and caramel sauce. 

after we finished eating all these heavenly tasting dishes, we head now to their bar side to taste their best selling cocktail drinks.

photography class?  hahahhah 

Had so much fun with these awesome food bloggers and with the openrice Philippines team ♥

So guys what are you waiting for? Go visit this awesome restaurant bar located at The Hub greenfield district , Mandaluyong City. You can search google for the exact directions of this place. 

Also visit their facebook page for awesome of updates of their events. 

Thank you Uno Lounge and to the superb team of openrice Philippines for making all these possible! :)


  1. Taray lang ng pag ihi sa gold stones. :))
    Mukhang masarap mag chill dito. Mapuntahan nga. :)

  2. It totally looks like an amazing place! And the dishes are just perfect, good photos by the way.


  3. Great place
    love the decorations and the food looks yummy
    nice post, thanks for sharing


  4. Nice meeting you Michael! We should get together (kahit di openrice event) :)


  5. Great review! You forgot to say that they have the best music in the Metro!

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