Unpredictable weather

Manila's weather is so unpredictable! just like New York, for example in the morning it was very sunny but  in the afternoon it will suddenly rain very hard.. wtf!!. I woke up this morning freezing to death!. (according to PAG ASA the mercury dropped to a chilly 18.1 degrees celcius earlier, the lowest temperature recorded in Metro Manila since the cold season began in December) I can't even go to the bathroom and shower because the weather and water is so cold plus our heater is not working why?!! when you needed it most! but this doesn't stop me from taking a bath!! hahaha I remember I was screaming "woooh!" inside our bathroom every time I turn on the shower's handle (hehe hindi ko alam tawag dun eh! basta yung pihitan para lumabas yung water).

So for today's outfit post I've decided to wear a black sweater that has a quite thick wool, my black shorts and over used boots! to go with the whole look. Seriously I need to buy new boots or someone who is generous to give me new boots hahhaha kidding, this boots needs to rest!   


Black Sweater: Bossini
Shorts: Levi's
Bag: Msense
Skull bracelet: Fox

the nga nga and sabay inhale pose! hahahahah 
para maaliw naman kayo sa mga pictures ko :)

New Year's resolution! Smile in every outfit post!

Love this bracelet from Fox (upcoming online shop of my friend Mike Miguel)


  1. Cool Outfit!
    Thank u for your Comment! x

  2. not exactly my style but looks great on you!
    and i don't think i can pull off that openmouth&inhale pose! lol



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