Another superb sale happening brought to you by SM City Manila this March 1, 2 and 3, 2013!! 

Its SM City Manila's 3 Day Sale happening on March 1-3.

Up to 70% OFF on great finds! 

Plus get a chance to win 1 of 3 Devant 50" Smart 3D TV

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SM City Manila 3 day sale!! this March 1-3, 2013

I love to say this line "This is how I roll" especially when my friends asked me what are you wearing? ( they asked me that question if they find my outfit is quite over the top or inappropriate) haha!, so instead of answering their question; I just looked at them, squint my eyes and answer their question "This is how I roll" (FPJ style! "isang bala ka lang!" hahhaaha!) btw hindi na sila makaka sagot diyan pag yan sinabi ko! hahaha.



This is How I roll



Louis Vuitton "Damier Signature" Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

DIY projects is probably one of the things I love doing because this is my way to kill time, express my creativity and to challenge myself, so I gather some cool DIY projects that I'll love to do and I'm very sure that you'll also love to do. 



Some D.I.Y inspirations and projects!

Uh oh.. It looks like everyone hates Rihanna's fashion collection for River Island and it got some really hmmm.. interesting comments from fashion critics. 

According to Riri "The girl that would wear this is full of personality, full of sass, but just loves fashion - most of all, they love fashion. They want to express themselves through what they wear and that's what I like to do."
Tom Sykes of Daily Beast Fashion, in a piece entitled “The Horror! The Horror! Rihanna’s Porny Debut At LFW,” said:
“There were few who anticipated a fashion triumph, but, even allowing for the limited expectations, Rihanna’s collection for River Island as brought forth in London tonight was a horror show.The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them.”
“True, there were some consolations. For example, if you really, really like belly buttons, if you are totally nuts for navels, then this could be the collection for you. If you only feel capable of wearing clothes on the lower half of your body if they are slashed up to your waist, then again, you are in luck.”

Pedestrian Tv: 

“The collection itself was kinda basic, but perhaps that was the point. Like the singer’s seventh album in as many years, the collection was never going to reinvent the wheel, so the major discernible incentives for Rihanna in presenting a collection for a high street retailer are obviously a) commerce, commercial appeal and b) clothes for Rihanna herself to wear on various super yachts while being her usual blunt self.”
The Associated Press (a little bit kind):

“No one went to Rihanna’s Saturday night debut as a fashion designer expecting demure dresses set off with tasteful pearls. So no one was surprised by the double-volume hip-hop music, smoke machines and champagne that greeted guests at the unveiling of her Rihanna for River Island collection.”
Read more at 
“And few were taken aback by the bad girl, rock chick styling of some of her clothes, with tight-fitting jersey outfits and dresses cut to show more than a bit of leg. It was a fun, flattering collection aimed at young women, containing nothing shocking or outrageous from a singer who has been known to bring those elements to her live performances.”

Better luck next time Riri ♥


Rihanna for River Island.. Uh oh..

Decided to go for a Sleek classic look last Wednesday night's event. I think I should visit the salon before this week ends because I'm really having a hard time styling my hair since its very thick and unmanageable "I have to apply different hair products to achieve the sleek back hair"  and my last haircut was 2 and a half months ago, my hair is the main reason why I'm always late in our first subject. You can see in this picture how thick my hair is, I think I should upload how my hair looks without all the hair styling products haha! "mukhang bird's nest".

My Easy style trick: Put on a blazer, a (polka) button down, (grey) trousers with black details on the side and leather shoes for that Mr. Sleek Brown look, I think this whole look fits my hard to manage hair.



Modern Sophistication


Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2013 / NWFW

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” - Sophie Kinsella

hmmmm. I love it when SM Malls goes all out in their 3 Day Sale!. Huge discounts, raffles and prizes, now that's what you call a great 3 Day Sale just like SM City Sta. Mesa's 3 Day Sale where 50% and 70% off on items that you desire. Saturday is the day where I can relax and just spend time with my family and also this is the best day for me to go shopping because I have no class plus this is the day where I spend all my weekly savings (odiba yaman lang! hahah loko lang, di po ako mayaman sadyang mukha lang!. hahahha).

Yesterday was an awesome yet tiring day for me because I went to cover  SM City Sta. Mesa's 3 Day Sale, as usual a lot of people were going crazy over the huge discount items and I was really having a hard time because all the great items that are in huge discounts were sold out.

Thank God! I wore a comfortable clothes yesterday. Shorts + Polo shirt and loafers.


This boy is in search for huge discount items X SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale

Last Wednesday night, me and my friends together with manila based bloggers partied at G.E.B superclub as we celebrate "My bloggin' Valentine" a pre valentines party for bloggers!! "isn't it cool?". The event was filled with games, raffles and giveaways, luckily me and my friends won both the games and the raffles (mga expert contesero! haha).

G.E.B super-club is a new entertainment disco club situated at the heart of  Tomas Morato, has risen to feed every individual's hunger for party, dancing and booze. Opened and launched last November 30,  2012, G.E.B SuperClub revolutionizes the party scene and the dance floor that will bring out the club kid in you. Another great addition to the nightlife in Quezon City. Once inside the club, you'll be amazed at the interior of the whole place and DJ's and club speakers that will surely soul shake and groove your world.

A hub where you can just sit back, sip a drink and just be you. It is near every establishment that you can think of. Indeed a perfect place to go to after work to unwind, kill time and release one's stress.




The Lights are off it's time to play X Party at G.E.B Superclub

Sunglasses are an essential accessory in our wardrobe, and we definitely should not leave without them. For today's blog post I'm going to share to you guys the eye wear trend that I adore right now, let me introduce to all of you.. the mirrored sunglasses!. This sunglasses definitely brings edge to a simple look and a lot of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and even fashion bloggers adore this kind of eye wear

This trend is definitely for the most daring and for those who really want to be different. It doesn't matter if you use these sunglasses for casual attire or for more formal occasionsin any of these circumstances, they will make you look IN. 

Share ko lang to: One time nga suot ko tong sunglasses na to, nakakaloka! may isang guy sinabihan ba naman ako na tricycle driver ang peg? tapos pati rin yung iba kong friends and classmates, so pag ganto ang suot tricycle driver agad?!! haaaay Pilipinas talaga!. 

I got this really cool Mirrored Sunglasses from SM Accessories and It's super affordable!!!!. I bought 3 pairs of this in different colors tapos wala pang 500 pesos nagastos ko ^__^ saya lang diba!!.

Odiba level lang kay Zac Efron! hahahh parang magkaparehas kami!! :))

Fashion people love it!

Celebrities who love this trend ♥

Blake Lively

Brad Pitt

Forever fierce! mamang SJP! IDOL ♥

Jessica Alba


So, What do you think guys?? :)))


The Mirrored Sunglasses!

Calling all shopaholics and practical shoppers, SM City Sta. Mesa will be having a 3 Day Sale this February 15-17, 2013. Yes! it's another sale again from SM City Sta. Mesa, you can get up to 70% off discount!! now who doesn't love that? aside from their huge discounts SM City Sta. Mesa will be having events and online contests where you can win some awesome prizes (GIFT CERTIFICATES!!). 

I remember my last experience of SM City Sta. Mesa's 3 day sale where I got so many cool items that are mostly marked down 70% off. I got a blazer that was marked down 50% off, a satchel bag marked down 70% off and a maroon leather shoes marked down 70% off and I only spent 1,800 pesos on these three items (diba yang ang tunay na sale! hahahaha,). Gusto ko talaga pag nagpapa 3 day sale ang mga SM Malls kasi ang daming ganap! hindi lang shopping meron ding mga events hindi pa nakaka bored, one time nga kala ko nasa Fiesta ako kasi sobrang daming nangyayari tapos sobrang festive ng pinapatugtog nila, hahahah naloka nga ako eh!. 

So what are you waiting for marked now your calendars and head to SM City Sta. Mesa!!! :))
See y'all there!! :)

I gather all the online contests of SM City Sta. Mesa where you can win shopping GC!! :)) 

Win shopping GC by sharing our 3 Day Sale poster in Facebook and Twitter

Win shopping gc by joining in our Rafflecopter contest

SM City Sta. Mesa Instagram "in-style" contest


SM City Sta Mesa Twitter Dine-in-Dash Contest

Chicser Fanatic Friday VIP pass giveaway

TARA NA!!! :))


Huge Sale Alert! SM City Sta Mesa 3 Day Sale this Feb 15-17

One thing that you should know about me aside from being a Blogger is I'm a huge movie buff!. I looove watching movies coz it's my way of escaping the real world (haha galit lang sa mundo?),  it can brought you too many places that you've never been before just by watching and it's a great way of making time fly. For today's post let me share to you guys the most anticipated movies of 2013, wooooh! been dying to watch these films, caaaaaaan't waitt!!.

Man of Steel
A young journalist who raised by his adoptive parents after he was transported to Earth in infancy from the dying planet of Krypton finds himself in the position to save humankind after Earth is attacked. oh! balik na naman si Man of Steel sa big screen!. hindi niyo natatanong I'm a big fan of Superman, galing lang niya tapos ang talino pa tapos ang pogi pa, siya na talaga!.



The Most Anticipated movies of 2013

Live fast. Die Young. Be Wild. And Have Fun.
- Lana Del Rey

I should stop listening to Lana Del Rey's songs (I know that will never happen) because it's so lonely and depressing  and you know what made her songs more depressing? is how she sang it, her voice is like an angel who got depressed and left by that one person she loves. I'm a big fan of music artists who are unique in their own way and the way they wrote their songs as if its like you're reading a poem. Okay enough with the music and emo stuff, back to the title of this post Youth in revolt.

Decided to bring back my youthfulness (in a fashion way) haha I noticed while looking through my pictures that I always wear button downs, printed long sleeves paired with black/gray trousers sometimes brown leather boots and it made me look like I'm in my 20's, helooo! I'm only 17 so for a change I decided to wear a t-shirt!!.

This post is dedicated to my classmate (Mark Otiong) who always teased me that I don't wear t-shirts because I'm a "Blogger" (nakakaloka kasi sabi niya pag blogger daw walang t-shirt puro mga button down shirts lang daw! haha) so I made this post just to prove to him that I wear t- shirts!!.



Youth in Revolt.

Come and party with us Manila Bloggers at G.E.B super club! "My Bloggin' Valentine pre valentines day" happening on February 13, 9-12 PM!. Kaya yayain niyo na mga friends and Loved ones niyo sa February 13!.

If you're a blogger, here's how to get invites! just click here at wait meron pa! to all the bloggers who are attending and blogging about the event will receive an extra 1k gc as a token! (odiba pak na pak lang! nagparty ka na nga nagkaroon ka pa ng GC!, kaya push niyo na to! wag na tamarin ipost sa mga blog niyo to!) 

Click these links for more information! :) 

Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook Page :
Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook Group:


EVENT: My Bloggin’ Valentine – Pre-Valentines Day Party

ProvocationsTrue Blood actor Alexander Skarsgård reunites with Calvin Klein, following his fragrance campaign, Encounters for the American brand. Starring in the label’s newest film campaign from Fabien Baron, Skarsgård joins model Suvi Koponen for Provocations.

Oh diba! pak na pak na naman si father Alexander Skarsgard! hahahaha. Una ko siyang nakita/nakilala (hahah nakilala talaga close?) sa music video ni Gaga na Paparazzi tapos sunod sa True Blood! kasi super fan ako ng True Blood like magpupuyat pa ako para lang mapanuod ko yung True Blood, galing galing niya lang dun!. Ewan ko ba while watching this film campaign of Calvin Klein parang nanunuod lang ako ng True Blood hindi mawala wala yung image na vampire siya para sa akin! hahahahah. 


While I was cleaning my room, arranged things back to order I realized that I need a new bag before the next school year starts or for my own happiness, I love how bags can pumped up your whole look even though you're only wearing a white tee and shorts (isang Hermes birkin lang pak na! hahhaha). I couldn't buy a new bag because I don't have money left, I bought so many printed and non printed top and I just spend it all in food, my monthly savings were vanished in just three days (haaaaaay ang hirap maging estudyante! hahhaha). So I guess I'm gonna save money again and buy the bag that I saw three days ago at the shopping center or maybe someone who is so generous can give me the bag that I've been wanting to have so badly, Salvatore Mann's latest collection, the grey backpack puhleaasee! hahahahha.

Speaking of bags, I just want to share to you guys the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook of Bleu de Chauffe. These bags are to die for!! I just died! (Rachel Zoe accent). The style, the materials used, the colors and the style is epic!. These are the type of bags that I want to have in my life.



I want em' all! Bleu de Chauffe Bags

Finally! done reading the book "Perks of Being a wallflower" and now I'm starting to read Life of Pi (don't want to watch the movie version of it, I need to read the book first so that when I watch the movie I can see what the film makers omit from the original book version). I'm very thankful that it's Weekends my favorite days of the week, well who doesn't love weekends? duuh! (diba spoiled brat lang! lol). I love weekends because this are the only days were I can sleep from 9 to 12 hours and do the things I want to do like updating my blog, hanging out with my frien, I can't get this much of sleep during weekdays because of endless school works. 

For today's outfit post I decided to go for earth tone colors inspired by John Galliano's Fall/Winter 2013 PFW (yung colors lang ah, hindi yung buong outfittey! hahahaha.  



Toning the Earth x Earth tone

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