I want em' all! Bleu de Chauffe Bags

While I was cleaning my room, arranged things back to order I realized that I need a new bag before the next school year starts or for my own happiness, I love how bags can pumped up your whole look even though you're only wearing a white tee and shorts (isang Hermes birkin lang pak na! hahhaha). I couldn't buy a new bag because I don't have money left, I bought so many printed and non printed top and I just spend it all in food, my monthly savings were vanished in just three days (haaaaaay ang hirap maging estudyante! hahhaha). So I guess I'm gonna save money again and buy the bag that I saw three days ago at the shopping center or maybe someone who is so generous can give me the bag that I've been wanting to have so badly, Salvatore Mann's latest collection, the grey backpack puhleaasee! hahahahha.

Speaking of bags, I just want to share to you guys the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook of Bleu de Chauffe. These bags are to die for!! I just died! (Rachel Zoe accent). The style, the materials used, the colors and the style is epic!. These are the type of bags that I want to have in my life.


I hope y'all enjoying the great weekends :)

photos: fashionbeans.


  1. The first bag: madaming local stores or at least affordable stores (like Topman) that have them :) I'm pretty sure either Dave or Miko has one. Forgot lang from where. :p


  2. The first bag I have one exactly like that, except on Navy Blue and brown leather from 21Men, all of the styles are amazing, and I have been kind of searching for a briefcase like one of those



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