The Mirrored Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are an essential accessory in our wardrobe, and we definitely should not leave without them. For today's blog post I'm going to share to you guys the eye wear trend that I adore right now, let me introduce to all of you.. the mirrored sunglasses!. This sunglasses definitely brings edge to a simple look and a lot of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and even fashion bloggers adore this kind of eye wear

This trend is definitely for the most daring and for those who really want to be different. It doesn't matter if you use these sunglasses for casual attire or for more formal occasionsin any of these circumstances, they will make you look IN. 

Share ko lang to: One time nga suot ko tong sunglasses na to, nakakaloka! may isang guy sinabihan ba naman ako na tricycle driver ang peg? tapos pati rin yung iba kong friends and classmates, so pag ganto ang suot tricycle driver agad?!! haaaay Pilipinas talaga!. 

I got this really cool Mirrored Sunglasses from SM Accessories and It's super affordable!!!!. I bought 3 pairs of this in different colors tapos wala pang 500 pesos nagastos ko ^__^ saya lang diba!!.

Odiba level lang kay Zac Efron! hahahh parang magkaparehas kami!! :))

Fashion people love it!

Celebrities who love this trend ♥

Blake Lively

Brad Pitt

Forever fierce! mamang SJP! IDOL ♥

Jessica Alba

source: http://www.casadelola.com

So, What do you think guys?? :)))


  1. Wow,so beautiful and latest sunglasses.Looking so beautiful and attractive .What a collection have been posted here.Great sharing...

    Like:hairstyles for medium hair .

  2. Wow, they're like so in right now since last year, great post!


  3. Hahaha. I had the same problem bro. Some of my classmates and strangers too says that wearing that type of sunglasses makes you like driver slash jeje's. I don't know in our industry. They just don't appreciate "fashion".


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