This boy is in search for huge discount items X SM City Sta. Mesa 3-Day Sale

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” - Sophie Kinsella

hmmmm. I love it when SM Malls goes all out in their 3 Day Sale!. Huge discounts, raffles and prizes, now that's what you call a great 3 Day Sale just like SM City Sta. Mesa's 3 Day Sale where 50% and 70% off on items that you desire. Saturday is the day where I can relax and just spend time with my family and also this is the best day for me to go shopping because I have no class plus this is the day where I spend all my weekly savings (odiba yaman lang! hahah loko lang, di po ako mayaman sadyang mukha lang!. hahahha).

Yesterday was an awesome yet tiring day for me because I went to cover  SM City Sta. Mesa's 3 Day Sale, as usual a lot of people were going crazy over the huge discount items and I was really having a hard time because all the great items that are in huge discounts were sold out.

Thank God! I wore a comfortable clothes yesterday. Shorts + Polo shirt and loafers.


Some stores that offer really huge discounts!!!

where all the madness and epic price deduction happens.

I told to myself before going to SM Sta. Mesa that I need to buy a new pair of shoes because I noticed while cleaning my room last Sunday that I need a new pair of shoes, I do own a lot of pants and button down but I only have a few shoes to pair it with. 

INhaaaale!! I saw the sign!! hahahahha

HAHAHA, while sitting and waiting for my shoes. 
HAHAHAHA wala kasi akong magawa! kaya yan :))

Cool sneakers! that only cost...

 340.00 pesos!!!

after 30 minutes of  going around the whole shoe department, I finally found one!! and I looooove it!! :)) 
It's 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!! the shoes that I've been eyeing on for almost a month. It's from Milanos!. 

Then I decided to head on to the Menswear Department to see if I can get some cool items in addition to my wardrobe.

Yup! I also need a new pants in midnight blue! hhehehehe.
and these pants are on 10% off!! so its a WIN! WIN!!.

I also bought this yellowish orange (don't know what color is it) from Tank
not on discount :)

You can also spot some cool accessories that are on superb discount! (hahaha how many times did I use the word discount in this post?!! hahahaha).

Love this cap ♥

these shades are 50.00 pesos each!!!!!

So after paying out the items that I bought, I was so effin' hungry and decided to eat at Mcdonalds but I was shocked when I leave the department store, I think this is around 6:00 p.m.
Lot of people were 

photo by: Alex Dizon of Recycle Bin of a Middle Child
pahiram Alex ah! hahah kasi nakalimutan ko picturan yung labas ng mall eh :)) (hahan nag explain??)

So what are you still waiting for?!! you can still drop by at SM City Sta. Mesa!!
This is the last day of their Awesome 3 Day Sale!!!

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