This is How I roll

I love to say this line "This is how I roll" especially when my friends asked me what are you wearing? ( they asked me that question if they find my outfit is quite over the top or inappropriate) haha!, so instead of answering their question; I just looked at them, squint my eyes and answer their question "This is how I roll" (FPJ style! "isang bala ka lang!" hahhaaha!) btw hindi na sila makaka sagot diyan pag yan sinabi ko! hahaha.


What I'm wearing
Button Down from Thrift Shop (yes! to Thrift shopping!)
Skinny Jeans from Paddock's jeans
Chukka boots from Milanos
Brown Envelope bag from Wade
Eye wear from SM Accessories
Watch from Swatch

Introducing the "This is How I roll" pose!

 Got this cool button down shirt from a near thrift shop "just one ride away from our house" btw while I was in the Thrift store I was playing Thrift Shop in my music player by Macklemore hahahaha para feel na feel!. Paired it with a midnight blue skinny jeans from Paddock's jeans.

Addicted to Envelope bags!!!!
But some people don't appreciate the beauty of it because they think that I'm applying for a job every time they see me carrying it. It just saddens me that still a lot of people here in Manila can't appreciate the art of Fashion (hahhah kaloka maka art of fashion wagas?!!). Basta kanya kanyang trip lang yan! hahahha

Love my Chukka boots from Milanos! 
btw love the name of all of your shoes Milanos! hehe

You have to see this look without the mirrored sunglasses.

The man behind these shots Juan Abiba
Thanks Juan for these epic pictures! hehehe
galing galing lang diba?! hahahahhahaha ^__^

visit his lookbook profile!! click here


  1. Button down is <3 I'll visit Thrift Shop soooon :)


  2. ang dami ko namang swag na picture yan talaga? hahaha no worries.

  3. dear, the next time you are in eastwood, let me know. you do my outfit shot! haha. ;)


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