Youth in Revolt.

Live fast. Die Young. Be Wild. And Have Fun.
- Lana Del Rey

I should stop listening to Lana Del Rey's songs (I know that will never happen) because it's so lonely and depressing  and you know what made her songs more depressing? is how she sang it, her voice is like an angel who got depressed and left by that one person she loves. I'm a big fan of music artists who are unique in their own way and the way they wrote their songs as if its like you're reading a poem. Okay enough with the music and emo stuff, back to the title of this post Youth in revolt.

Decided to bring back my youthfulness (in a fashion way) haha I noticed while looking through my pictures that I always wear button downs, printed long sleeves paired with black/gray trousers sometimes brown leather boots and it made me look like I'm in my 20's, helooo! I'm only 17 so for a change I decided to wear a t-shirt!!.

This post is dedicated to my classmate (Mark Otiong) who always teased me that I don't wear t-shirts because I'm a "Blogger" (nakakaloka kasi sabi niya pag blogger daw walang t-shirt puro mga button down shirts lang daw! haha) so I made this post just to prove to him that I wear t- shirts!!.


What I'm wearing:
Tee from The T-shirt Buffet
Shorts from Levi's
Jacket from Bowling online 
Shoes from Signor
Eye wear from SM Accessories

A friend of mine gave me this shirt when I was in High school. 
Thank you! nagagamit ko pa rin siya, hindi pa rin umuurong yung tela! hahahahhaha

at dahil sobrang naaliw ako sa mga pictures ko gumawa pa ako ng GIF! HAHHA ayan ah masyado na kayong spoiled sa akin. hahah

Just love listening to this song ♥
A music video that is full of heart warming and deep quotations.

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