Antony Morato Launches Six Unique Collections

Metro Manila—One of Italy’s fastest-growing menswear brands, Antony Morato (AM), is breaking the Philippines’ fashion world wide open with six distinct collections. Each collection takes its inspiration from iconic aspects of men’s fashion, from the rustic outdoors to the suave vibrancy of Asian street wear. The country’s sartorial gurus now have a wide range of looks to work with, each one encouraging them to create their own signature styles.


Stylish, sophisticated, yet ultimately relaxed, Alarm Call adds a touch of revolutionary edge to a deconstructed aesthetic. Russian propaganda motifs are stamped onto jersey cotton tees layered under coats, sweaters, and trousers with simple silhouettes. Distressed plums, olives, and burnt oranges bring their working-class spirit to the collection’s rich palette, urging customers to rise up and take control of their looks.


Minimalism takes on renewed vigor with Less is More, a provision of well-tailored menswear staples. Striped cardigans and basic t-shirts and trousers provide a versatile dimension to everyday apparel, while sleek dinner jackets in muted white, gray, and maroon tones take each outfit from day to night with classic appeal. The mood is one of elegance and sophistication, proving that tried-and-tested fashion favorites do withstand the test of time.



A man’s spirit cannot be contained within his domicile; it craves the freedom to roam and mark its territory. The Natural Wood collection channels the brusqueness of the wild outdoors, tempering its earthen tones with soft, breathable fabrics. Cozy outerwear like tweed jackets and flannel shirts allow the fashionable man to conquer the elements while staying effortlessly chic in his denims and animal graphic tees.


The man of the '80s knew exactly how to get someone’s attention. Sleek, almost formal lines juxtaposed with bold statement graphics and colors created a stunning contrast that continues to influence fashion in the millennium that followed. Pop Hearth takes inspiration from the pop art movement of that decade, pairing elegant jackets with raucous tees for an exercise in irreverence, rebellion, and undeniable style.


Contemporary Japanese fashion elements serve as an inspiration for Sushi Bar, a perfect match for the man who is unafraid to experiment with varying fits and unexpected details. Features like faded patches, baggy pants, and wide-gap turtlenecks exhibit relaxed silhouettes perfect for crawling the streets, while checkered long-sleeved tops and mandarin collared shirts provide a funky, laidback look. Bright primary colors complete the picture, capturing the lively spirit of modern-day Southeast Asia.


Gothic glam enters mainstream consciousness through Voodoo Experience, an ideal choice for the man who likes to try the latest trends. Darker hues like black and gray imbibe slashes of red to create a bold color contrast. Distinct touches come in the form of overspray techniques and crinkled fabric, giving each piece a tough, yet stylish edge, while logo and dip-dyed t-shirts intersperse with monochromatic button downs for a look that emphasizes the mystery in every man.

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