Happy Go Lucky

weeeee! Summer vacation already started and I'm definitely feeling the vibe of a happy, carefree teen. I remember the movie that I watched last year "I think it was December", a movie about a girl who wants to make the most out of her summer, so to achieve that; she created a list of  awesome things to do this summer but things went wrong "really wrong" (nakakaloka! panuorin niyo na lang yung movie sa movie2k, nakakatamad mag kwento hahha, oh ito title "Judy Moddy and the not bummer summer"). 

Moving on, I wore this light and comfortable outfit yesterday to help my friend in his online shop's lookbook. I was assigned to do the fashion editorial video, since I'm good in doing those things (haha self proclaimed lang?!). It was a long tiring 8 hours for me and to the models but it was all worth it, adore the pictures and I'm still not editing the video haha!. After I edit the video, promise I will post it here in my blog (diba para malaman niyo kung gaano ako kagaling! hahaha jooooke baka mag-expect kayo ng mataas sa akin! hahaha). 


What I'm wearing
Top from Pierre Cardin
Jeans from Levi's
Shoes from Rajo for Milanos
Bag from Salvatore Mann
Ring Accessories from Fox Online
Sunnies from Hang ten

Looooooove this accessories from my friend's upcoming online store. Uh-maaaaaazing!.
Go express your inner fashionisto by wearing unique accessories, these can give an extra umf! to your outfit.

Summmmer! Go for light and easy on the eyes colors just like this top from Pierre Cardin. 

Complete your look with a man purse. Adore this bag because it is very useful! it can be a camera bag, a summer bag, an office bag, a school bag "LAHAT NA!". Just be sure to carry it with confidence to maintain your masculinity while carrying this bag. 

You can't feel the vibe of summer if you're not wearing a classic sunnies. I got this Sunnies from Hang Ten.

Happy and inspired ♥ . 



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