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Blazers and button downs are one of my wardrobe essentials. My life would not be complete without these two pieces of clothing in my wardrobe or should I say an outfit would not be complete without wearing any of these two. Since I live in a tropical country I prefer Cotton Blazers because it is easily washable, absorbs moisture of the body, its light and skin can breathe properly even though you're wearing a blazer, that is why a lot of people wear clothes made up of cotton most of the time.

When we are talking about colors of the fabric, Pastel are perfect for tropical countries and summer season because light colors tend to reflect heat instead of absorbing. It will eventually keep your body relatively cooler. Pastels, Beige and white are ideal colors in this case.

Go invest in Pastels this summer, it can do wonders for all of your looks once the sun begins to shine. Since summer is fast approaching here in Philippines, I think this is the best way to wear this kind of clothing (instead of wearing your usual summer look "tank top, shorts, and topsiders") and I suggest that you paired it with a knee length shorts and make it sure to pair them with more neutral pieces to give your look balance and help ground the the bolder blue.

Clothingloves.net offers stylish pieces for stylish guys and now my favorite online shop. 


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Pastel inspiration looks

This part is dedicated to my lovely female readers. :)

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