Cape of Good Hope

"A lot of people have taste, but they're not daring enough to be creative" 
- Bill Cunningham 

If you noticed guys in my last blog posts that I wore different types, colors and brand of blazers/suits. I love going to night parties/events wearing a blazer because I feel comfortable in it and I feel like I'm Chuck Bass from the TV series Gossip Girl every time I'm in a perfect fit and color of blazer.

So I like to wear my blazer in different kind of ways just like what I did in this outfit post; I wore it like it was a cape "actually I can think of  8 different ways to wear a blazer", . As Bill Cunningham said (fashion photographer of New York times) "A lot of people have taste, but they're not daring enough to be creative" so that means I'm a creative person because I dare to get out of the norm by wearing my blazers like this! hahaha, no the reason why  I wore my blazer like this because I want to be different, unique and I want to stand out from the rest of the crowd especially to the guys who are rocking the same black blazer/suit.


What I'm wearing:
Black Blazer from Markus
Printed Button down from Zara
Skinny trousers from Paddocks jeans 
Oxford shoes from Korean brand (sorry di ko mabasa yung brand eh, hahah)

Seen a lot of foreign guys especially bloggers rocking this trend. So no need to worry guys that you might lose your masculinity if you wear your blazer like this.

btw thanks to Daryll Fagarang for having the patience in taking my outfit photos! :))
thank you so much bro!! see you soon :) you and Kim ^__^. (hehe full of emoticons lang!)

the tinatamad umuwi na tayo kasi sobrang late na at madami na akong nainom at nagbayad ako ng 110 pesos sa isang coke in can lang pose!. Seriously still can't get enough of that I actually paid 110 pesos for a coke in can!!! wtf!! pang taxi ko na sana yun eh T___T #suicide! hahahaha

Sorry guys for this blurry picture, still can't figure out the right settings in dealing with shitty light. Sorry I'm not a fan of using my camera's flash powers especially in my outfit shots.  

Wait!! before I end this post, I want to share you guys my next outfit post plans or should I name it my PEGS!  (I need to have all of these clothes in my life)

Hopefully before this summer ends meron na ako nitong mga to. #CROSSEDFINGERS!


  1. naks!! I also do that kind "style" ung ala cape.. especially pag mainit at tinatamad magbitbit.. haha!! like the printed top.. :)

  2. Oh em! Na-special mention pa si Daryll sa post! bwahaha! btw, I super like your Oxfords! ♥♥♥



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