I need help mail!: Achieve that cool slicked back hair in just few minutes.

So, I received an email few days ago from one of my loyal blog readers asking for an advice or tips how to achieve the slicked back hairstyle with unshaved hair sides "coz it's easier to create this hairstyle if your hair sides are shaved" and without using those expensive hair styling products.

Fact: Slicked back hair is by far the best hairstyle for men, just comb it back and look cool for 24 hours with no maintenance.

Hey Michael,

I've been reading and following your blog since May 2012 and I have to admit it, I'm a fan!. I enjoyed the way you blog, every post has a personal touch to it and reading it feels like I've known you since the day you were born. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon in our campus .

I'm writing this post because I want to ask you how did you achieve that slicked back hairstyle at "Mega Magazine Party" coz I can see that you didn't shaved your hair sides yet it looks cool for a slicked back hairstyle, it looks modern and fresh. Can you please help me how did you do that and can you also suggest some cheap hair styling products for that type of hairstyle,  btw I have thick and bird's nest like hair and it's so hard to manage "real hard".

Thank you and keep on inspiring us!

Click see more to read the entire entry and watch the video tutorial that I made!! :)) 

Awww, thank you so much Geoff, I really appreciate it. Taray  inspiring pala ako! hahah salamat ah. 

So you want to achieve that slicked back hairstyle without shaving your hair sides and just using cheap but safe and good hair styling products, well its very easy to achieve that hairstyle all you need are the right products and tools fyi that picture you saw the slicked back hair do in my last post "Mega Mag party", I did that in just a few minutes, I think 3 or 4 and I was rushing that time because the venue is too far from my place and I'm afraid to be late.  

Bro! these are the products I recommend for you to achieve this hair style. These tools/products are super affordable and I'm very confident you will achieve that hairstyle you want! plus I made a video tutorial just to see/prove that these products are really miracle worker! hahaha

In this video, I'm gonna show you guys my own way of achieving that slicked back hair in just few minutes. Oh shoot! please do understand that this is my first time posting a video that has my face on it here in my blog. I promise to post better quality tutorial videos next time. :)  

1. Vitress hair solutions. Use this product for instant slicked back effect also for that glossy and healthy looking hair.

2. Grips styling wax hard and Mat. So that your hair strands will still be intact and for that extra hold protection for your hair kahit malakas ang hangin sa labas! hahah.

3. Goody Brush or any brush you got. I prefer this kind of brush because it's super easy to achieve this type of hairstyle with this brush.

4. (optional) Goody comb. If you don't want that super duper slicked back kasi baka mag mukha kang matanda pag sobrang slicked back or baka mag mukhang masyadong formal yung look, well If you're going to formal events the super duper slicked back will work but if you're just going to simple/casual parties I suggest to not make it super slicked. I love using goody brushes! and I'm proud to say that I'm a Goody Boy! :))

These products are available in all leading stores nationwide! :)

So hope this post helps you a lot Geoff! Thank you for supporting and reading my blog, I hope to meet you and thank you personally with mahigpit na hug pa! yieeeeeee hahahaha. Salamat! :D

So if you have guys some style and grooming problems, go email me at michaelmacalos@gmail.com. I would  love to help you!! :))


  1. Masubukan nga! Ang kaso kulot ako. Haha!

    -Fritz Valle

  2. Thst hsirstyle looks grat on you!

    X WS


  3. Is there really a difference when using ordinary comb and the Goody-branded combs? I saw their prices and was shocked to know how expensive those products are.

  4. It's a nice format of addressing your readers queries and addressing their concerns. Straight tips from an expert like you. =>

  5. When I was single, I used to admire boys with that kind of hair style because it's very neat-looking.

  6. Not bad at all for your first video post with you on it. keep them coming!

  7. omg this is awesome Mike! The next time you're gonna see Daryll, expect him to be in a slicked back, coz I'm gonna show him your tutorial! :)

  8. This seems to be inapplicable to me. My hair is gradually falling and it is getting thinner. Anyway this is good for those who are young and with a thick hair.

  9. If my son is reading your blog then I am pretty sure he will ask the same question. Thanks, i'll just share this post to him.

  10. wow! i like your tutorial! i find you you having a good sense! and you are using goody combs! wow! expensive one!

  11. wow... just gotta know this!!! thanks for sharing.. ma try nga.. :)

  12. Great tutorial! Pwede sa girls? Hahah. Laging naka buzzcut asawa ko eh, saka kulot rin siya. I also like it when guys' hairs are slicked back. Mala-Lord Disick :)

  13. Cool tutorial! I never thought it's easy to do. I'll share this with BF :D

  14. Definitely going to share this link to my nephew. Thanks! :)


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