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Hey Guys! So, how's your summer vacation so far?. Is it boooooooring??, well I know a summer workshop that can make your summer vacation more fun and productive the fashyown way!. The Photography Academy Manila, one of the most prestigious Photography school here in the Philippines will conduct a two day workshop (two sessions) on May 11 and May 18, 2013. 
In this workshop you will learn the basics of fashion photography through a real fashion photography workshop presented by FOBtography, sounds fun right? and also in this workshop you will learn different techniques and styles in fashion photography and get some tips from professional fashion photographers on how to achieve that fashyown photos!.  

This Fab workshop will be held at the Green Lens Studio, 6th floor Mervyn Terraces (near St. Benilde college of arts and design building). 

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Get 40% discount when you enroll now until May 1, 2013. Limited slots only. Reserve your slots now.

Sign up for this one of a kind workshop!. Hurry Limited slots only!! :)
See you all there Guys! 

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