Buckle up

I know my life is going to be bumpy so I always buckle up. 

So Philippine fashion week "Day 1" starts now and I'm excited to witness Michael Cinco's phenomenal and world class designs later 9:30 p.m at SMX Convention Center also I'm excited to see my friends there in their most stylish outfits. I know you guys are excited too see what will I wear for tonight's show, me too I'm quite excited to wear it! hahaha basta I know it will be puuuuuuuurtastic! hahahah.

For today's outfit post I'm feeling kinda smart corporate "ish" by mixing corporate pieces together with casual pieces. I think shorts can be considered smart looking and you can still look professional in shorts just be sure its not board shorts, bulky cargos and short shorts and also you should consider the fit of your shorts, it should be well fitted/tailored so that you can look slick, well groomed and smart. .


What I'm wearing:
Polka dotted button down from New Groove
Shorts from Markus
Shoes from Milanos
Bag from Salvatore Mann
cap from Urban Outfitters 

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. So you better keep smiling even though life gives you a lot of reasons to cry. 

So, see you guys later at SMX Convention Center! :)) 

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