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Don't you just love spending your time listening to your favorite music artists? or just watch different types of movies ALONE. Guess I'll be doing these things a lot this week and next week (decided to limit myself on attending parties and events) and also I'm not feeling well, my left cheek is swollen because of an incoming wisdom tooth, "f***! it really hurts a lot! swear! I can't even eat properly and can't look into the mirror because my face is horrible!!. huhuhu vain people problems.
So the whole day I just listened to Mike Posner's 31 minutes to take off album, especially the song cooler than me and also Lana Del Rey's Paradise album. I also think a lot of things *ehem* personal stuff and got a haircut because my friend Phya told me that I don't look  pogi anymore with this bieber ish hairstyle. I know you want to see the before and after picture hahah so you better finish this post.. :) 

Here's what I wore at the Bonifacio High Street "Style Origin" fashion show. This is my day to night look haha coz; before the fashion show, I attended a fashion photography workshop. It started around 2 p.m and ended 6 p.m then I immediately headed to the fort for the show. 

Di ka magsi-sisi promise! hahahha

What I'm wearing
Button down shirt from Markus
Shorts from Zalora
Cap from Urban Outfitters
Mirror Sunnies from SM Accessories
Bag from Salvatore mann
watch gift from a very very very very super super special friend haha. 

You gotta show some attitude in order to rock this cap hahaha. 

Cute ayt? haha this cute little watch got a lot of compliments from my friends.

PS. It was so nice seeing my friend Paul "Paul the PR GUY" earlier at the Jockey press briefing event. haha Long time no see!. See you soon!! :)) 

And the moment you've all been waiting for.. hahah booooom! a SELFIE shot! sporting a new hairstyle/haircut courtesy of manong barbero. hahaha. Daaaaaaaaaamn! I do look sexy and chiseled in this shot! haha sorry guys hanggang balikat lang muna saka na ang full upper short pag may abs na ako!. I aachieve ko yun promise! at ipopost ko dito! hahah mala Taylor Lautner! :)

at dahil diyaaaaaaaaan! patug tugin ito! hahaha


  1. Hey Mike! Thanks for the special mention. It was good seeing you too! Did you "Show You're Jockey"? Haha.

  2. Hi there! Nice that you had fun at the event! New follower in the house! Hope you follow me back at http://www.gastronomybyjoy.com/ See yah around:)

  3. i just saw some jewelry with that mustache style, that some vendor was selling at her booth. it think it was a ring.


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